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    Help with LSI 9308-e possibly bricked

    Have you done a complete power-down, wait a bit, and power back up?
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    FREENAS to sync or not to sync -- CIFS/SMB

    gea on hardforum (the developer of napp-it), the default is fine for CIFS.
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    Looking for highly reliable rackmount 24x1Gbit switch under $250

    +1 on these. I replaced a ubiquiti 24-port because my two esxi hosts with 10gb enet had no way to talk to each other without a back to back link, and that eliminates them from being the management network NICs. This switch was perfect in that respect. I don't do routing or anything funky, so...
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    Supermicro X9/X10/X11 Fan Speed Control

    Might take a look at this:
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    Sophos SG-230?

    Possibly not. I only switched to a dedicated HW (UTM in a generic PC) because I change stuff a lot in the home lab, and don't want the internet to go down for more than a few seconds.
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    Sophos SG-230?

    I actually did for awhile :)
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    Sophos SG-230?

    It purports to support site to site ipsec :)
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    Sophos SG-230?

    If memory serves, it does. There are a few customizable features you don't get, but I was running web filtering, email proxy and an L2TP server for my daughter who lives overseas and needs access to US sites. 99% of the problem is the limited number of IP addresses. And if&when I get IPv6...
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    Sophos SG-230?

    I love UTM but finally bailed. My home network was always close to the 50 IP limit (especially on the holidays, with guests/family visiting.) To make it worse, I don't yet have IPv6 from my broadband provider, but that would put me way over the top.
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    MikroTik CSS326-24G-2S+RM Review the One to Get

    I went with the CSS unit to replace a 24-port edgeswitch, since I wanted the 2 SFP+ ports (my home lab has 2 ESXi hosts with 520 10gb nics). It's been perfect so far. Hard to beat the price. I didn't need any fancy features - just needed a VLAN to isolate pacemaker corosync totem traffic...
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    ESXi RDMA enablement

    I don't know. I was not using a switch - two mellanox 50gb cards connected back to back with DAC cables.