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    Dell business laptop quality issues?

    7490 Early battery failure, random reboots, random trackpad errors.
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    EU P3605 - 168€

    So this would be a decent drive for homelab VMs?
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    8TB Ruler format SSD - P4500- listed at $900

    maybe a mom and pop shop? that would be even more hilarious.
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    CPU Cooling 2011(-3) - 4U Passive or Active

    I think Noctua NH-U9DX i4 is pretty much the best there is considering the height restrictions.
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    i9-7980XE $426USD

    add tax and etc...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Well yes, managed L2 was of my interest. L3 is just unneccesary for me at the current moment. If a serial cable is special, then you must be quite young :)
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Could you use the 6450-24P as a simple L2 switch as well?
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    EU WTB 8/16 sticks of 32GB DDR4 ECC - 2133

    I have 4x Samsung M393A4K40BB0-CPB 32gb DDR4 ECC if that might be of any interest.
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    Transplanting new motherboard into HP Microserver gen8

    Very cool, really odd that such a product exists. I can't imagine there are more than a few enthusiasts interested.
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    EU HPE Cloudline CL3100 Gen10 Barebones - $399

    Price dropped to 299$ on new listing.
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    UK HP MicroServer G7 N54L / 4GB ( ) £69

    This was my first NAS running Xpenology for well over 5 years. Back then it was amazing for the money.
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    UK HP MicroServer G7 N54L / 4GB ( ) £69

    solid for backup NAS