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    Any way to check SAS link speed from Linux?

    For SATA drives, try: smartctl -a /dev/sdX | grep "SATA Version is"
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    Multi-NVMe (m.2, u.2) adapters that do not require bifurcation

    So far I've been using the and an off-brand single port U.2 to PCI-e 3.0 x4 adapter (U.2 drive installs to the PCI-e card itself). I notice a drive will sometimes be detected and mount initially in a consumer grade motherboard, but won't be detected nor mount ever again upon...
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    12G SFF-8643 cables and U.2...?

    Ha! I totally forgot about the 4 channel thing. Thanks
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    12G SFF-8643 cables and U.2...?

    Interesting. The official SFF-8643 to SFF-8643 cables also say 12G. I guess I can ignore the 12G part...?
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    12G SFF-8643 cables and U.2...?

    I have U.2 NVMe 2.5" SSD drives. I'm looking to get the Icy Dock U.2 NVMe 5.25" to 4 bay enclosure which has 4 x SFF-8643 connectors. I'll connect those with a 4 port SFF-8643 to PCI-e 3.0 x16 card. The problem is, all SFF-8643 cables I see available are listed as up to 12G mini-SAS. I know NVMe...
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    multiple NVMe SSD cards - still unclear

    I took a look, but it's a bit to digest. So all of the cards listed there work with motherboards that DO NOT have the bifurcation feature built-in??
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    multiple NVMe SSD cards - still unclear

    I currently have 3 x NVMe U.2 PCI-e 2.5" SSDs each on it's own U.2 to PCI-e adapter card. I'd like to free up PCI-e slots and use dual or quad port x8 or x16 PCI-e adapter card(s). Posts I find regarding these types of cards are outdated, incomplete, conclude without a clear verdict and/or...
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    MTO Questions

    Does the transceiver and MPO cables mentioned in this post make the QSFP+ (40 Gbe) to 4 x SFP+ (10 Gbe) breakout ports behave like regular 40 Gbe port on the ICX6610 and ICX6650 models? Or does this transceiver & MPO cable combo only work on the normal 40 Gbe ports?
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    NVMe u.2 cards

    Did you end up buying this? If so, how did it turn out for you? Does the motherboard need to support bifurcation for both drives to show up? If you put them in RAID0/stripe does the read and write performance double?
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    Old school Quanta Mesh LB9A aka Pronto 3290 aka Pica8 3290

    I picked up a Quanta T1048 LB9A off eBay and having a hard time getting this set up to simply function as a smart or basic managed switch (with web UI). The only thing I've been successful with so far is assigning the serviceport an IP and enabling SSH server. It has U-Boot version 2009.06 (has...
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    help getting basic functionality on Quanta LB9A switch

    Got a Quanta T1048 LB9A 48 port gigabit & 4 port 10 Gbe (SFP+) switch, but can't figure out how to reset it and configure it. I've tried various commands piecemealed from manuals and guides for similar models LB9 and LB6M, but I can't string together any success. I just need basic functionality...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 interfaces disappear

    I'm trying to speed test some Mellanox ConnectX-3 dual port 40GbE NICs on my LGA2011 servers (using a Linux live USB, System Rescue CD) and I'm getting this weird behavior where the assigned interface/logical name disappears (i.e., en25ps0) when I connect a QSFP+ network cable to a port. If I...
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    40 GbE with Mellanox ConnectX-3 in Ethernet mode?

    Thanks! Any recommendations on qsfp cables that never give you problems?
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    40 GbE with Mellanox ConnectX-3 in Ethernet mode?

    Can you get the 40 GbE speeds with a Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI adapter in Ethernet mode or must it be in Infiniband mode? If the latter, can the required subnet manager software run in Linux or a docker?
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    getting lost... local storage, FreeNAS+local storage or FreeNAS+DAS for VM storage?

    I'm about to add my 2nd VM host (ESXi) and I will being add more hosts in the near future, so I figured I need to consider piecing together some shared storage for the VMs. I've been searching for a couple of days now, but can't find a concrete answer - I understand local storage for VMs will...