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    [WTB]3.84TB SSD x 2

    Do you care if it's SATA or NVME?
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    [SOLD] [US-WA-SEA] Local sale: Supermicro 4U 96TB server with 12U rack

    SOLD! Moved to a desktop NAS and my wife wants some basement space back. Local sale only, I'll probably part it out if I have to ship it. Drives look like they have 15k to 17k hours on them. I can pull some smartctl stats if you want. ASRock Rack EP2C602-4L/D16 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670v1...
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    Bestbuy - 14tb easystore external hard drive - $189.99

    It's back.
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    Gigabit + 10Gb Switches under $550

    Anyone have any experience or opinions on this switch? I debating between it or a QNAP QSW-308-1C to get cheap 10gb between floors.
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    FS: Synology DS2415+ 12bay NAS

    Here's an image of the ram working.
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    FS: Synology DS2415+ 12bay NAS

    It’s the right model. I saw someone in another forum say it took 16gb and got a stick to try. It’s worked fine for me. Proc is Intel Atom C2538.
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    FS: Synology DS2415+ 12bay NAS

    I'm selling a Synology DS2415+ 12bay NAS. It's been upgraded to 16GB of ram. No drives. Thanks. $875 (PayPal preferred), shipped to the US lower48 Trader Reviews for croak |
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    Guinea pigs needed - aka FreeNas 11.3 is out

    [NAS-105568] Disable disktemp collectd for mpr controllers - iX - Bug Tracker (Jira) Looks like a mitigation for LSI 9x00 cards is in for 11.3-U2.
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    WTB - Gigabyte GA-7PESH2

    I have one in a system I was thinking about parting out. PM sent.
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    Decent deal on used 1500VA UPS [2nd Batch]

    FYI, just got two and got this response from my Best Offer ($95 counter): "I am now installing Brand new batteries in the last 50 units I have for sale and it will be worth it to pay more for these."
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    Bestbuy - 14tb easystore external hard drive - $200

    Huh, didn't notice that. I wonder if I have this set up as a business account?
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    Bestbuy - 14tb easystore external hard drive - $200

    At Best Buy. It's Deal of the Day so I wonder how many they had on sale for it to be gone so early.
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    Bestbuy - 14tb easystore external hard drive - $200

    FYI, sold out but looks like the new low for the 14TB Easystore is $179.99.
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    Provantage - HPE Proliant ML30 Gen10 E-2124 Quad-Core 16GB 4LFF S100i 350W - $280

    Any know what graphics these use if they are not the Xeon G models?