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    Tested: DL580G8 (Gen8) and G9 (Gen9) *Lack of* Compatibility

    We are talking Intel E5-V3's here? If that's the case, those are DDR4 locked. I know V1/V2 can be swapped (with bios support) and V3/V4 can be swapped (with BIOS support) but never saw V2/V3 swap because of the different memory requirements. But I could be gravely mistaken here.
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    Are these counterfeit Xeon CPUs?

    The 8 is upside down. Really annoys my OCD...
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    Are these counterfeit Xeon CPUs?

    Likely Yes. Reasoning: They appear to be V1/2 versions of the chip that someone remarked as v4. Which would be enough to scream "scam".
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    Is there a single CPU config that is better than a dual E5-2690v2

    You say single and multi threaded performance, but what exactly are we talking about? Virtualizing? Rendering? Etc? That will help with what CPU might work better.
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    Ubiquiti hardware - opinions?

    I too have drank the Unifi Kool-Aid... Needless to say I have a lot of their products spread out over our property. I really do like the system. My couple of reservations are: The larger POE switches tend to dump a lot of heat, and are noisy. The wireless mesh system in the AP's is great...
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    Starting my first home server build. Need help...

    TLDR; Try to get yourself a used Dell R710 and managed switch off Ebay. Would advise using a different system for your NAS and workstation. Workstations tend to be powerful, way more powerful than a NAS needs to be, and because of that use a lot more power than a NAS. I don't know off the top...
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    PoE Patch Panel Issues

    Cable tester passed. Like I said, it works when plugged directly into the switch, it's just the patch panel that has issues. The jacks ended up being the issue. The problem ended up being the jacks were pretty compact. Plugged into a switch just fine, but ended up being literally a hair too...
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    PoE Patch Panel Issues

    It's any port through the patch panel. I can plug other store bought cables through the same port in the patch and have everything work. It's just as soon as I use the one I made it does not work. All the ports on the switch work as well. Tested that.
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    PoE Patch Panel Issues

    Hey all, Hopefully I can get some insight into an issue I'm chasing down with some new patch panels. I got two 24 port patch panels off of These run into an Ubiquit US-48-500W. Patch panel is CAT 6 and the 6' patches are CAT 6. Now here's the issue. When I plug one of the runs that...
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    any opinions and experiences with SuperServer E200-9A or E200-9B

    I use the older version of what you're looking at (A1SRM-2558F) as my pfSense router. It needs a couple of system fans to run. I haven't used the other model you have listed (B), it has a super low TDP which would lead me to believe it could be passively cooled. But that is a really low power...
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    NVMe Storage Solution

    For the 40GbE side I have an Arista DCS-7050QX as the switch with both nodes using Chelsio T580-SO-CR Ethernet cards with FS modules and fiber. No jumbo frames where turned on. I didn't dive too much into what was going on with the 40Gb as that was just another layer of complexity that I...
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    First time Freenas build, sanity check & advice please!

    Ah, if you already have that's fine. Figured you were buying it. Just remember if you do decided to go down the AIO that you should try to keep a 5 to 1 ratio of L2ARC to ARC or better to ensure you don't hurt performance.
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    First time Freenas build, sanity check & advice please!

    I would ditch the L2ARC and get more RAM since the board has 8 more RAM slots. RAM will do more for you than the L2ARC will if you plan to run a lot of VMs. (4K Random IO) I personally like to keep my storage server physically separate from my hypervisors, but you can do an AIO for this with...
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    NVMe Storage Solution

    Thank you for the info! I hadn't even heard of that to be honest. I did try the FreeNAS install again to see what the performance was like over the network and it was worse than my current set up on every account. Think I can officially rule FreeNAS out for now. I'm thinking a lot of the...