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    Linux-Bench - Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c

    @Patrick: I may have time this weekend to work on this. Let me get caught up.
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    FS: LSI 9268CV-8e

    I thought cachevault was flash-based storage to hold data long term, and you still need a battery/caps? My CV card still need a battery pack. Cool card though!
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    Raspberry PI 3 on sale

    Just announced that the RPi 3 is available for $35. New chip, etc... Raspberry Pi 3 on sale now at $35 - Raspberry Pi
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    Enterprise SAS and Consumer SATA on the Same Backplane?

    They were on expanders. Diasy chained to an external jbod even.
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    Enterprise SAS and Consumer SATA on the Same Backplane?

    I've used mixed SAS and SATA on 9260/9265/9280 LSI cards without problems. They advise against mixing disks in the same pool, but since they are all JBOD, it's not an issue for you. I would say that it should be fine.
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    Linux glibc vulnerability - CVE-2015-7547

    @TuxDude Updated title for you. Yes, happy patching everywhere.
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    Docker Users? Thoughts on NFS mounted config volumes.

    @rubylaser : Thanks for the tip about zfswatch, nice package. Wish he still maintained it and updated it (2013).
  8. Chuckleb - anyone gotten this to work

    About twice as fast as my dual X5675s. Interesting. Some of the other tests may be better than nqueens as well. The tool is pretty good, has the ability to bind to chips, etc. So you could use against 1 core of a chip to look at single thread performance.
  9. Chuckleb - anyone gotten this to work

    This tool is meant to test the differences between different installations of python. So what it does is run two copies of the test and the /control/python and /test/python are paths to two instances on python that you want to compare. This example works but not ideal since it runs two copies of...
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    Review of White Label 4TB drives

    I did the enterprise drives
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    Universal shelf

    So that's what those are! I think we have them in our cabinets somewhere. Thanks!
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    Universal shelf

    @Terry Kennedy If you could find a part number, that would rock. I'll see if they'd work out. Otherwise these shelves that everyone recommended seem good as well. Thanks!
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    Help finding power supply with dual 8-pin EPS connectors?

    This is my go-to power supply for my Supermicro lab bench computers: EVGA 120-G1-0650-XR 80 PLUS GOLD 650 W Fully Modular NVIDIA SLI Ready and Crossfire Support Continuous Power Supply - Pretty cheap after rebate and has dual 8pin EPS.
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    Universal shelf

    I have a couple of Sumpermicro 36 bay units to install in one of our old racks that only has threaded 10/32 screw holes... I don't think they work with the standard tool-less square hole rails. Does anyone have any recommendations on shelves or how to install?
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    Anyone have a single L5640 machine around?

    Do you want a dual CPU run as well or do you have that already?