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    Does any one have experience with the Dell SCv3020 units?

    Have an SCv2020 at one site connected via SAS to the hosts. It works for the most part, dual controllers (active/passive) so the vmware hosts don't care when we patch it. With recent code there is an HTML5 interface for handling pretty much everything. Raid sets you can re-stripe on the...
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    Aruba MAS series SFP+ & POE+ switches sub-$100

    18+ months later and the thread is still kicking:D SFP+ modules are SPF+ modules. Pre-HPE firmware use to be pretty open, but the newer firmware builds are "whitelisting" certain part numbers to be "supported". Unsupported, can still work just fine. If you have an SFP coding box, the validation...
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    Lantronix Spider KVM End of the Line?

    Raritan KX3 kvm switches are all over HTML5
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    Vmware changes ESXi license because of AMD Epyc and Intel CPUs with more than 32 cores

    The 48c sku likely will take a hit in favor of either higher clocked 32c or 64c skus for vmware deployments. If the hardware is used for bare metal, hyperv, kvm, proxmox, ect they would be unaffected. The single socket 64c, while going forward eventually will not be as much of a TCO savings...
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    Licenseageddon Rages as VMware Overhauls Per-Socket Licensing

    Just wish they would update their base core counts included 8c per DC license is a joke these days, it should be updated with each new WS release.
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    Server Rack: DIY or buy?

    Unless you have unusual dimensions to work with (ie 30" tall crawl space or something) and have room for a regular rack it's usually just easier/cheaper to pickup something existing. When looking, there would be a wide range of prices and conditions for used keep in mind there are various types...
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    AsrockRack x570d4i-2T

    Could easily see this for small footprint NAS builds from QNAP/IXSystems and the like.
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    Supermicro EPYC 7002 PCIe 4.0 Build question regarding compatibility

    Supermicro makes four different 7002 boards with PCIe4 (Product Compare | Supermicro). Of the four boards, two boards are WIO styled the H12SSW-iN and H12SSW-NT though I'm not seeing mush a different between the two. Chassis wise if your looking at 2U WIO-style with the U2 slows and FHFL...
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    For Dell Poweredge Enthusiast

    Depending on how many your dealing with and how old they are, the free version of OME can work a lot faster.
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    Question about home "server" builds. Why are they needed?

    Generally using them for file, plex, backups (laptops/desktops), and a lab environment for learning new things. I've looked at public cloud storage and it works well if your upload speed is fast and you don't have a ton of data. Once your data increases, the question of cloud storage can be...
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    PSOD Trying to install ESXi on EPYC 7002

    So far I haven't had any issues running 6.7U3 on R6515's with 7702p cpu's on them, though I am using the Dell custom image.
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    Supermicro 2011R3 10GB onboard - $144

    Thanks, kinda figured it was of similar nature. Overall pricing not bad if it's the right fit. I agree, it's a de-featured variant. Looks like from scale-out compute clusters.
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    Supermicro 2011R3 10GB onboard - $144

    X10DRD-LTP-B-TW008 SUPERMICRO DUAL R3 LGA 2011 SYSTEM BOARD MOTHERBOARD | eBay Cheapest Supermicro 2011 R3 board on ebay currently. Looks like a cloud-hosted special with what looks like a single SFP+ port onboard.
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    MikroTik S+RJ10 Review Convert SFP+ to 10Gbase-T Inexpensively

    Enabling unsupported mode: Airheads forum with someone running generic modules in a 2920: Airheads Community
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    MikroTik S+RJ10 Review Convert SFP+ to 10Gbase-T Inexpensively

    The only 10GB for the 2920 is the 2-port rear module you can pickup. HPE is fairly particular on the module coding, unfortunately. If you do get it to work, let me know;) .....we've got a hundred or so of them in the field. I saw on reddit the UBT based modules work. The Aruba MAS gear has...