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    EXPIRED Xeon Gold 6134M $420

    I have bought a server from them before and they offer great prices and service...especially when I returned a server and left my unraid flash drive in it and they generously and quickly returned it at no cost.
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    [eBay] - Supermicro A2SDi-4C-HLN4F - $100 (offer accepted)

    Offer of $100 each for 2 was allowed to of 2PM.
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    1U server with space for 12 - 3.5" hard drives (+ 1- 2.5" hd) via eBay

    This looks like a nice server especially if you are looking for a 1U server with lots of space. (There is reportedly a problem with the 2 ethernet ports and FreeNAS.) Server Type Chenbro...
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    FS: SOLD [US-NY] $140 - Intel Xeon Platinum 8160 QL1K ES QS 24C 48T 2.2ghz to 3.2ghz Server CPU

    Hi you know if this will work in an HPE ML350 Gen10?
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    HPE ML110 Gen10 - Let's discuss...

    Hi @Evan, How do I get information on what CPUs work in a ML350 Gen10? Thanks
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    HPE ML110 Gen10 - Let's discuss...

    Hello, HPE ML350 Gen10 Unraid user here. I moved from a ML30 Gen10 that I had 7 drives in (4 hot plug (standard config) and a 2-bay 5.25" to 3-bay 3.5" drive cage). Ran hot so I upgraded but also because I wanted more capacity to drives. I tried a Dell PoerEdge R730xd, which was great but loud...
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    Help Identifying Intel Confidential CPUs

    @bayleyw Thank you!!! I greatly appreciate you sepnding the time to respond especially with such a helpful answer. I have a used HPE ML350 Gen10 coming that has a single bronze processor in it. I am looking for one or two processors to upgrade the system with. My preference would be for higher...
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    Help Identifying Intel Confidential CPUs

    Has anyone tried these or more recent Intel confidential processors? I am looking at something like the processors below. It will be form a home system and would be a great discount IF they work! QTY 1x Intel Xeon Gold ES CPU QL28 2.4Ghz 16-cores LGA3647 | eBay