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    WD Red Plus Launched with CMR

    One might say that WD's most recent product positioning marketing efforts regarding the Red products line are as useful putting lipstick on a pig as far as brand recovery goes.;)
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    HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 230w broken. Google blackbelt needed.

    submit ebay claim as DOA. they will force seller to accept return
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    HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 230w broken. Google blackbelt needed.

    start by checking components shorts
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    Eaton UPSes (+APC)

    relevant discussion:
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    DS4243 $100 - Local pickup in Somerset NJ

    nice find and a great deal.
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    Go-to RAID cards for ESXi 7.x?

    I still rock FreeNAS (never needed FC specifically) but I learned the hard way, be VERY wary of their updates as they have a long history of breaking things in updates. Sometimes intentionally with advance warnings, sometimes not. The storage system shouldn't be Russian roulette. Like...
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    Lantronix Spider - Any Tips on Getting Mouse to Work?

    Maybe RasPi doesn't use a standard keyboard/mouse interface or the OS in any case. One thing I could mention is Spider had published html5 kvm firmware for this little guy and then for some reason pulled it. Can't stand Java one.
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    Any interest in forecast planning type content?

    Micron reported higher than expected demand this quarter. This alone could be massive indicator to change of memory/flash storage consumption - I'd love to hear more about this trend...
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    HP EliteDesk 705 Mini G3 Notes

    what's the expected use of this desktop? It's dog slow.
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    Supermicro X11SPM-TPF mATX Intel Xeon Scalable Motherboard Review

    I curious to know if this module would work with this board to double the max memory to 128gb I guess it is very likely.
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    Windows 10 slow on Proxmox 6

    Yes, I think Rand found the real culprit here. Turn-Off sync writes to test this idea, but in general, windows10 is much happier on SSD
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    pfSense / 10Gbe Networking Help

    Before joining this community I never fathomed that 10g in home labs is SO widespread around these parts and there are plenty of (NEED) use cases for 10gig in home labs and large capacity LINUX ISOs storage systems. In my case, my home-lab small 3 node HCI runs miles better on 10gig. What still...
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    10G Router options

    one more good test on budget hardware:
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    10G Router options

    I'll refer you to this thread:
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    Looking for advice for file server

    Write cache isn't used in IT mode, so getting a raid controller with batteries then flashing it to IT mode would be pointless. Then you added SSD for ZIL, all the writes go to it first, making it "sort of" a write cache.