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    FreeNas/TrueNas RDMA Support (FR for voting)

    I am curious to learn more about these cases, I know that the NEED for RDMA is likely to be driven by the need to have ultra-low latency, but what are specific use cases?
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    FreeNas/TrueNas RDMA Support (FR for voting)

    I disagree, my company went with two iX X20-HA systems for secondary storage due to a combination of support for HA, cost, and support. Qnap and Synology STILL don't have 24/7 support and without it, I'd personally NOT consider ANY storage system in an enterprise.
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    iXsystems X series chassis

    My company purchased a few Truenas X20-HA systems a few years ago, considering the combination of professional services installation, price, and fantastic 24/7 support. It's not the most intuitive system to use, and the chassis does indeed have weird quirks, but it works very well. No issues...
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    Need M.2 heatsink recommendations

    Question: Did anyone tried these?:
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    Reduce Power Consumption

    How big are your 2.5" HDDs? I assume 2TB? Each eats about 3-4W in idle. Swap for 4x18TB 3.5" HDD. Assuming raid 6 with 2x 10 2tb HDDs = 16TB 4x 18TB in raid 10 = 36TB usable. Each 3.5" drive is 5-6W in idle. You also went from using 40W power to 24W and gained an extra 20TB space. With 1tb HDD...
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    Choice of HP vs Lenovo SFF for ESXi

    The more memory you could give to ESXi, the more VMs you could run on it. Both CPU and Chipset support 128GB and so should the desktops, regardless of what OEM manuals say. I agree with Bjorn - the more memory slots - the more likely you could get to 128gb memory. VMware says both LM and V...
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    Free alternative to VMware Vsan

    Deploy ceph to your VMware cluster using ansible. use ceph iscsi connector to present it back to VMware.
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    Router hardware recommendation - > 1 Gbps WAN

    The alternative would be getting (often available for free to IT guys during server room changes/moves) a switched PDU, like APC AP7900B. I won't pay any more than $50 for such a device but even used ebay prices are too crazy. With this, you could reboot remotely the modem/router separately or...
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    Router hardware recommendation - > 1 Gbps WAN

    until you figure it out, no point in pre-planning the exact device and connectivity. I went from 200mbps download to 400mbps and the difference isn't life-changing. I assume that the difference between 1gig and 1.2 would be nearly non-existing in real life. That doesn't mean you shouldn't want a...
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    Router hardware recommendation - > 1 Gbps WAN

    how's your internet 1.2Gbps is delivered? I mean how does it terminates before the router? Is it just lc fiber?
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    VDI ESXi host CPUs Xeon Gold 6130 vs Gold 5115 (both dual)

    Which one would be best for the VDI VMs ESXi host? 5115 has a higher base frequency at 2.4 GHz 2x 10C, but 6130 is lower at 2.1 GHz, but 2x 16C Not asking for alternatives, I have both and need to decide which one of these two (only) should I keep? Assume I care more for individual VDI...
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    10Gbase-T transceivers that support DDM (power/temperature) reporting?

    Optics over short distance 10gig ethernet called 10GBASE-SR This one says DOM/DDM supported
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    The extremely simple set-it-and-forget-it local MS compatible DNS server?

    agreed, this is why I posted an easy to follow guide on how to configure pfSense to restrict external DNS only from pihole above
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    The extremely simple set-it-and-forget-it local MS compatible DNS server?

    what a crybaby afraid of a black screen which a blinking cursor. 99% of pihole is managed thru it's pretty GUI:
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    Dell laptop tech support experience or Dell Business Warranty Service is Now a Clown Car

    Thought this sad story may be helpful to someone looking to invest in Dell hardware.