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    Laptops with "Uninterruptible WiFi" at Best Buy (not really!)

    The consequences of BB firing all of their well-trained salespeople and hiring the lowest bidders.
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    Custom Made SAN for VMware (Linux/FC)

    The reason to use FC vs. IP-based transport is to lower the storage latency, but it adds significant complexity in managing and the initial implementation. Using regular ethernet, you could achieve similar latency reduction benefits with iWarp/RoCE or FCoE. I'd also say that the latency...
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    raidix eraraid on 4 nvme - request your perf test

    point 4 reminds me of old adage - about buying, firing, and IBM. (replace it with Netapp/EMC if so desired)
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    Opinion needed, should I ditch my UPS or not?

    I recommend Eaton or their rebranded HP versions. They don't chew batteries as much as APC. I have both, and the difference is massive. The key in Eaton's charging schedule is different from APC. They claim it can extend batteries' lifetime big time.
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    Replacement for Edgerouter Pro?

    RB5009UP... doesn't even have 2x SFPs, and it's not rack-mountable (without a shelf of sorts) I think you ought to look a bit higher in range at MikroTik CCR2004-16G-2S+ - it has better performance and 2x SFP+ (1 or 10 gigs with adapters, like fiber ethernet)
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    Is this overkill?

    I'd like to share a personal and anecdotal story. Over many years I ran and later expanded my whitebox DIY truenas. never had any major issues. The worst ones like boot drive failure (a few times over cheap USB stick drives) - were easily recovered by a new stick, os rebuild and config restore...
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    Is this overkill?

    I'd also chime in that your old workstation is an electric power guzzler, the GPU would be useless for Truenas, and your Samsung 850 Evo 250GB would not be a good choice for zil/slog device. You COULD use it for arc L2, but with 128GB of ram and typical home usage, it would be a waste...
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    Tesla P4 - 8GB / US$ 100 or even lower

    I think Intel has an excellent opportunity to produce vGPU-compatible GPU hardware and work with VMware/Citrix to support it, but don't charge for VDI licensing besides hardware cost. Alas, this is nothing but wishful thinking, but if it ever becomes real - this should be a massive thorn in...
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    HP Reliant DL360p G7 - I'm building my first server and it's so different than building a PC :O [HELP!]

    Going with such antique (and inefficient) hardware, expect your electric usage and noise to be very noticeable. Case in point, just the CPU is typical 95W TPD under load, but it's circa 2009, and it's performance is beaten by 10W CPU...
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    Low power shared storage on a budget?

    Check out this YT (EU based) channel for great recommendations on keeping power usage of home IT to a minimum: Like this video in particular: a month ago, I'd say buy used qnap, but since I've quickly changed my mind..
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    Has anyone else "downgraded" from QSFP+ (40GbE) to SFP+ (10GbE) gear? And if so, why?

    Not quite what you asked, but I've had icx6610p proving 10gigs for my DIY 3 node vsan cluster, but since I moved all compute and storage to a single device, high-speed networking was no longer required and I've moved back to a 1gig network. I consolidated a whole heap of hardware into a single...
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    ESXi 6.7 free license

    you apparently missed my first sentence. They won't delist it just because it's not current or out of support. You bought the license you keep it. Upgrading the license may or may not be possible, but they won't just delist it. I still have access to my company's VMware licensing portal to...
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    ESXi 6.7 free license

    If you purchased an ESXi license, it's permanent. You could run a free ESXi version or a trial one or give a shot to running it in eval mode and running this script every 60 days if it's not in a production environment (home lab isn't production)...
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    Windows 11

    you're surely joshing. I have Lenovo Thinkpad X12, and it runs super smooth with 11. In fact, better than win10. 11 UI could be easily tamed to be close to 10, whereas win8 was a UI disaster for non-touch displays. I'd still consider Win11 as a "beta," but YMMV. As Glock24 said, for some apps...