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    Intel RES3TV360 RAID Expander,12 Gb/s, SAS/SATA NEW BULK PACKAGING - $212 shipped best offer on eBay

    Seller may go lower than $200 each. Sells lots of didcontinued intel stock. Typically half listed price is good starting point for OBO. Nice find
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    F320 V-NAND NVMe 7317693 3.2TB PCIe SSD FLASH DRIVE SAMSUNG MZ-PLK3T20 Oracle L3

    Seller says removed from demo server. $489 with 2 and half hours to go. (2 bids) F320 V-NAND NVMe 7317693 3.2TB PCIe SSD FLASH DRIVE SAMSUNG MZ-PLK3T20 Oracle L3 | eBay Best of luck to winning bidder!
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    Fake PayPal email scam

    Hi fellow STHers. Latest PayPal scam details FYI. WARNING: Scammers now trying to steal your details through Paypal
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    Intel P3600 800Gb $300 OBO

    Thanks @sparx nice find!
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    Intel P3600 800Gb $300 OBO

    @awedio Awsome deal, thanks. I'd like to see how low the price for the 800 Gb drives to compare. Can anyone link me a suitable adapter for these eSSD drives? All I'm finding are adapters for M. 2 drives. Preferably with cable to M. 2 slot as l have limited Pcie slots on my MB. Thanks
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    Intel P3600 800Gb $300 OBO

    Can anyone suggest an adaptor for this drive, preferably to plug in M2 port (as my MB has limited Pcie slots)? Many thanks. Do these drives get hot? (Maybe a dual ESSD adapter would be overkill?)
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    Intel P3600 800Gb $300 OBO

    There is a picture. Looks like 2.5'' Nvme drive but no Pcie slot. Do these need an adaptor to get full speed? Or can they be used like a SSD?
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    Intel P3600 800Gb $300 OBO

    Searching Ebay for P3700 drives l noticed our friend Kelly O'Malley has these drives on Ebay. Listed as new (brown box). No picks except brown box. I'm assuming P series is Pcie? I wonder what their lowest price is? How do they compare to P3700 listed? Intel SSDPE2ME800G4 DE SSD DC P3600 Series...
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    Samsung PM853T 960GB SATA SSD $125+$5 shipping

    Description says M500? May pay to verify with seller.
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    Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR-US 802.11ac Long Range AP - $89 Free Ship

    Edit: sorry US store: $102+P&H Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-LR-US 802.11ac Long Range Access Point
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    How to determine Ebay seller's location.

    Not a deal as such, but I hope it helps other avid STH EBay shoppers. Where goods are listed as 'located' in your country (may be false) if you look under seller's details you may find that seller is located in another country (e.g. China).
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    AU Allbids Ex Gov auction

    Find something unique at ALLBIDS Alternatively you could contact them to discuss freight for particular item. In some occasions they could arrange freight or alternatively you may be able to use someone like 'pack & send'. (I have not received a delivery from them as I amlost bought a UPS but...
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    .luxe domain names for Ethereum blockchain users

    I'm not sure if this is correct forum to post (not do I understand how it works), but domain name provider has sent me email about the new TLD. FYI
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    AU Allbids Ex Gov auction

    Hi STHers, FYI Allbids are having an auction of some ex-government IT stuff (inc. transceivers) that some may be interested. Please note additional charges for bidding and freight: Find something unique at ALLBIDS
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    HOT HGST HUSMM8040's for $99, qty avail.

    Sorry, all. @BLinux you are correct. I was viewing his store on my cell phone and no items came up. On my PC I do see items in his store.