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    SC846 rails stuck

    Are both sides sticking? If you put the the server on the floor and rail not in the rack, can they slide normally on the rack? Sometimes the tabs that the rails click into get bent out a little and that can jam up the sliding action, you just need to press them back in closer to the side of the...
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    Poor network performance after jumping to Fiber

    I would caution against trusting any of the speedtest sites's results as gospel without testing a number of servers and across all times of day/night/overnight. Quick experiments with the cli version on my 1G Fios would show 900/900 one day, and 300/300 the next against the same server, and in...
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    Ups with long backup time

    No - the 2 internal packs are in series so it is really a single set of batteries spread across 2 metal trays. If any of the individual batteries fail in that set it will take out the whole pack.
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    Supermicro Rack Rails - Threaded Rack

    The little brackets that @nthu9280 linked even come in the little parts box with the chassis some of the time depending on where you source the chassis from.
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    Ups with long backup time

    Depending on your average load that needs to be supported during a long power outage, at some point it is more cost effective to have a generator vs a huge pile of batteries that need to get replaced every few years. I mention the solar side more as a way to find vendors making the charge...
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    Ups with long backup time

    Since you already have the UPS and EBM's then just roll with that. Since it is a 6kVA model, be sure you have it on a 30A 240V circuit with a dedicated breaker, even if you don't have a significant power draw day to day when things are fine, when the UPS recharges it will draw additional current...
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    Questions about colocating

    Many of the colos won't let you use the full power on a circuit either due to the electrical codes in place in the local area and how they built out the circuit - they will size it so that it is legal but for continuous use you can only draw 80% of the power you would expect. Be sure to check...
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    Questions about colocating

    At the $job - we have servers all over the planet that we have never seen in person. Configured by our vendors and direct shipped to the colos and installed by colo staff. It is pretty common and you can negotiate that rack & stack work into your quote. If your hardware is stable and you...
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    Rack newbie - cage nut hell

    Ahh that is what those are called - I have seen them a few times here and there and always wondered what they are. Wouldn't need my stubby flat-head to pry the damn nuts in and out all the time :) Going order some and experiment.
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    Rack newbie - cage nut hell

    I stick with M6 but keep a small bag with M5 sets in my tool bag for the cases where the ears on a switch or whatever oddball shelf I am mounting won't take a m6 screw. I avoid the English sizes, only run into them when dealing with 2-post or crappy threaded hole racks. Washers I was...
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    STH Forums a New Look and How to Switch to Dark Theme

    Nice job @Patrick / STH on rebuilding and upgrading "on-demand" in a pinch like this! I noticed the "toggle width" button down near the theme selector needs to be hit each time to use the full page width (yea! - Inches of wasted space on the sides of the window is SO annoying!) Also there...
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    PoE fanless switch with 10GbE SFP+

    The Juniper stuff you typically just need to make an account on with a valid serial # the first time, then you can get to all the f/w downloads and updates from any product line.
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    supermicro cse-721tq-250b 2.5” ssd cooling

    Mine sitting on a table in my home office does just fine with a set of 4x 10T drives (ST10000DM0004) and the fans run at a pretty slow speed most of the time. The drives from top to bottom are right now @ 36/39/39/37 C, the middle guys a little warmer of course. They have been ok for going on...
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    Video streaming server

    If you just want to have a uber file share for people, that is easy. Server with enough memory to hold the working set + fast storage to load that into memory as the set changes and somewhere with unrestricted 10G+ connection for cheap and good peering arrangements. But a stable streaming...
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    JBOD enclosures - 2.5 inch drives?

    I would second the what is the end goal aspect - you can get off the shelf sas3 chassis with 72 or 88 real hot swap 2.5" bays for a few $k And in 3U you could put 3 of 1029P-N32R...