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    EU WTB: hgst ultrastar data60+ data102

    Hi, You should probably work a little on your wording - since it can be hard to understand whether or not you want to buy or want to sell. This is done by adding a WTB:/WTS: in your title - also its a good habit to add a flavor, i.e. [EU]/[US].
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    EU **SOLD** [FS] Netgate SG-3100 MAX appliance (used)

    The cheapest possible solution for everything :) But basically everything except dentistry is paid for. Healt care University You name it. But lets not hijack this thread anymore :)
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    EU **SOLD** [FS] Netgate SG-3100 MAX appliance (used)

    Pfft - thats nothing - in Denmark we pay 25% :)
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    1U Supermicro Server 6x 10GBE RJ45 X10SLH-LN6TF LGA 1150 H3 X10SLH-N6-ST031

    Power is expensive in Denmark, so even a small homelab runs up into more than $1000 USD per year in power. The "few" servers I run probably uses around 4-500w/h, which quickly amounts to something, when every kw/h cost around 0.38 USD :-(
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    UK [SOLD](Ebay) AsrockRack 1U Server D1541D4U - 425 GBP OBO

    I guess that depends on where in EU you live? VAT is different in the different countries, in Denmark 25% VAT will be added to the price - plus probably 250DKK for "handling"
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    Windows 11, why, why now, and what matters?

    I guess you missed the "secure" - and by removing old CPU's without security features it by default becomes a little more secure, since they don't have to cater for old useless stuff and can remove code catering for that. Its kind of just if a car manufacturer removes wheels from their cars...
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    Windows 11, why, why now, and what matters?

    A bit unsurprising though - windows 11 is just a patch onto windows 10, so if they broke something they have done something bad. Its not like windows 11 is a new OS, its still the same, just with stuff removed, so its more "secure" and different.
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    8TB Ruler format SSD - P4500- listed at $900 So a pretty good drive, if you have a server with slots for it :-) Price is decent in my opinion, 8TB of enterprise SSD, with good endurance for 900 USD.
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    EU FS: Intel Xeon E-2236 Supermicro Server

    People do not care if stuff are new. You cannot expect to get a prices as if its new. New RAM is actually probably worse than used RAM - since it has not been burned in and can fail still.
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    EU FS: Intel Xeon E-2236 Supermicro Server

    Yeah, a bit on the expensive side :-) try 500 EUR then you might have more luck.
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    SOLD: Western Digital Data102 JBOD Enclosure $200 + Shipping

    The right voltage I might add - if just you silly americans saw the light and turned to AC like the rest of the world :cool:
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    FS: Supermicro SC745 server chassis case w/ 920W SQ Power Supply

    I have to second this :-) I have two of these cases, one old version and a newer version like this, and its perfect for a home server.
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    (FS) ASRock ITX MoBo combo, great for firewall build

    Its a great little board :) I have had one running my pfsense, and now I have actually made it run a backup esxi 7 server for my backup infrastructure when i take down my main esxi server down for maintenance.
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    EU [FS] Samsung 2.5 Enterprise SSD

    What sizes are these drives? all 960GB?
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    [WTB] 16-18 14TB SAS or SATA hard drives

    Still with a replication factor of 3 thats 74TB of raw storage :-) - I have around 20 VMs running off 8TB and still have 6,4TB remaining does ceph not compress the data you store?