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    Intel XL710-QDA2 - $549

    I didn't want to chance it, so i went with straight 40gbit cables and just use the 40gbit port on the switch, but now I know it's possible, might try it on other servers.
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    2.5 Gbe Nic only getting 1.5 Gb/sec in Hyper-V Linux??

    I'm not super familiar with Realtek 2.5g nics, what kind of off-loading is it doing? What cpu/ram/mobo are you using? Are you hitting a CPU limit? Lot of times nics that don't do much offloading when you do a test or file transfer you are gonna see one core of the cpu at 100% and it just won't...
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    Reliable router/firewall with good VLAN and QOS support for home?

    UI is gonna get your needs done reasonably well. best to think of them as "prosumer". For about twice the money, you can get something a step up from Mikrotik like RTM said, has more of an enterprise feel to them "every option you can shake a stick at" kind of thing and will do whatever you...
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    Intel XL710-QDA2 - $549

    Was this ever figured out? I'm wanting to get the XL710-qda2 card, toss it into ubuntu nas (truenas scale), using a breakout cable to a Mikrotik CRS317-1G-16S+RM switch, LAG them up and let the NAS have 40gbit. This possible? Or just go intel dual 10gbit LAG'em up and have 20gbit?