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    AMD EPYC 7742 64-Core 100-000000053-04 compatibility with Dell/HPE

    I've seen a -04 boot in a Lenovo but can't confirm HPe/Dell, but there is no reason they shouldn't work - they share microcodes with the retail samples. Do note that once you put the chip in a Dell server it is locked to Dell forever, which rather severely affects its resale value.
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    cheap / used server board with most PCIE lanes

    ^this. At $1K+ a card times 8-12 GPUs the cost of the board is lost in the noise. Things are a little different if you are trying to build a large scale farm but that is pretty ill-advised at the moment...
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    cheap / used server board with most PCIE lanes

    crypto only needs x1 per card so you'll usually want one of the specialized mining boards which give you a bunch of x1 slots, either in physical x16's or via risers. The exception is if you are using 3060 non-LHR cards, which check whether you are on a physical x8 or faster connection, in which...
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    It also doesn't really matter, because you can take the 64-core -04 SKU and rearrange the CCX any way you want. For anything less than 48 active cores you can run whatever frequency you want, so long as you don't mind the volts. Its all a crapshoot right now because the -04 is something like $4K...
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    Does anyone know what the deal is with the Epyc 7453 (28C/56T)?

    It's a 4CCD part like the 7443, but the dies themselves are clearly pretty low-grade (defective cache, low clocks). Should be good for a full 8 channels worth of bandwidth though, the 7282 was a 2CCD part with limited internal bandwidth, hence the 4 channel caveat. The 7443 is better by every...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX $858USD New

    The straightforward scam is to ship a random $1 item to a random address sharing a ZIP code with the buyer's address. Tracking will show the item as delivered, but the buyer will mostly likely click 'item not received'. I am not sure what current PayPal policy is, but in the past, INR cases on...
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    Didn't have any problems.
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    32c/64t Epyc 7551P $376

    oops, yeah I meant Skylake. The 7371 is arguably better than one of the 32c parts, it was a special frequency-optimized part, though the CCX layout is huge mess (4 cores per die). I think in Haswell terms the frequencies are about even, Zen1 was a little slower than Skylake which was a little...
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    32c/64t Epyc 7551P $376

    Seems reasonable, 7601's float around on eBay from US vendors for somewhere around $500 so a 7551P for $376 is not too off-target. They are not very good CPUs though, Naples's primary goal was to demonstrate that AMD could deliver an enterprise CPU with decent performance on time, in large...
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    Why such a poor Epyc Workstation MB lineup?

    The X*DRG-Q line looks slick on paper but isn't actually very good, it is very challenging to fit in a case and four GPUs next to each other is thermally...poor. If you are going to go with datacenter cards there are solutions like this but I'm sure that is a $10K+ system.
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    I had this exact same problem and it ended up being the SSD overheating; the M.2 slot is right under the GPU so if the GPU is even a little loaded, it exhausts hot air over the drive and cooks it. In my case HWInfo64 showed the drive idling at 90C and spiking to 100+ when the GPU was under load.
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    Do Gen1 Silver Scalable Xeons work with DDR4 2400 RAM?

    I see no reason it won't work, but sometimes you get unlucky and the RAM is just incompatible, or the firmware on the server sucks and can't find your RAM.
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    EPYC for multiple usecases (1st vs 2nd gen question)

    Part of the point of VMs is that you can oversubscribe the cores, because not all the VMs will be fully loaded at any given time. I'd go with the 16c Rome over the 24c Naples, in terms of raw throughput the 16c Rome will perform like a 20c Naples, but the internal layout is much better and much...
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    [WTB] AMD 64 Core 'ES' and ''QS' CPU's

    I'd just wait for prices to go down, I think the retail ROME shortage is pushing prices up. $2500 is an awful lot to pay for a CPU that requires modded firmware to boot, doesn't really have turbo, and explodes if you twiddle the registers wrong. 7B12's are retail and worth $3500, there's no...
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    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    60C should be fine, power transistors are good for 100+C.