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    FS - [USA-TX] 6 x 16TB Seagate EXOS SATA HDD, Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 with NF-A15 Chromax and Heatsink Cover

    Hi all, I am parting out the drives of my NAS due to a canceled research project :(. These are shucked drives and they have been extensively tested prior to shucking (Write+Read test using HDD Sentinel) from Seagate 16TB Expansion Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (STEB16000400). They are...
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    [SOLD] [FS] [US-TX] Open Box ASUS WS C621e SAGE with Dual Xeon Platinum 8153 ES CPUs Bundle

    Dear STH Community, I change my mind to build a workstation computer and will move to a more reasonable build for a graduate student. For this Motherboard and Dual Xeon CPU Bundle with RDIMM Memory as a bonus, I am asking for $900 with free shipping using Priority Mail across the US. Timestamp...
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    Updated: 11-04-22 - CHEAP EPYC MILAN CPUs! PRICE CUT! 5x!!

    I am currently looking for 12 x 32GB or 12 x 16GB RDIMM DDR4 at 2666 or 2933 MHz. Do you have a good offer on that? I have a pretty tight budget to build my own machine for Ph.D. Research. Thanks.
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    FS: Intel Xeon LGA2011 CPU and ES LGA3647

    Interested in buying two QMGA CPUs. Could you send me the physical picture of it? EDIT: Do you still have the QMAD CPUs?
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    FS - ES/QS Xeon Processors

    Are the Xeon Platinum 8170 still available?
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    [Discussion] Just Bought ASUS C621e SAGE Motherboard for $25 and now I am confused

    Hi 68k-dude, Yes, I have that plan as well. I think, at first I will just populate single socket with an adequate number of DIMMs. Since most of my research is using GPUs instead of CPU, I think I will not spend more in CPUs. In the future, if I need more CPU power, I may add the second one...
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    [Discussion] Just Bought ASUS C621e SAGE Motherboard for $25 and now I am confused

    Hi Kneelbeforezod, You are right, I need to test it out first to make sure it is working. Maybe, in the meantime I will buy the cheapest Xeon and a stick of RDIMM to see it is working properly before buying more hardware. I will try more research into cheap Xeon CPUs and cheap RDIMM this...
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    [Discussion] Just Bought ASUS C621e SAGE Motherboard for $25 and now I am confused

    Dear community, I am planning to build a new workstation PC for my research in Grad School and looking for TRX40 or X570 motherboard (I have not yet decided between two). Since my budget is tight, I am trying to look used peripheral on eBay when suddenly one of the listings draws my attention...