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    Cheap LSI IBM M1215 SAS3 12Gbps controllers
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    Need SAS HBA/Raid Controller Recommendation

    Dell H200, Dell H310, LSI 9211 or anything LSI SAS2 based should be great.
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    EXPIRED $279:Oracle F320 (3.2TB) AIC

    It was included with ZFS v 2.0 and it is working great!
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    Very slow ZFS RaidZ2 Performance on TrueNAS 12

    On a 4k device, I wouldn't use ashift=9 But on a SSD that supports 512 block sizes and you have small data that you knows compresses well, you should consider it.
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    Very slow ZFS RaidZ2 Performance on TrueNAS 12

    Keep in mind, ZFS has dynamic recordsizes, and in most cases you can just set the default to 1MB. Your database or VM can still write 4kb, its just that max block size is 1MB. ashift=12 is great for large harddrives, but SSD's can still benefit from ashift9 / 512byte block sizes. Especially...
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    Why do motherboards have 10G RJ45?

    I also much prefer SFP+/28 and I'm a power user with home lab. I only have 1G-Base-T switches, but plenty 10G SFP / 40G QSFP, not a single one with even 1 port of 10G-Base-T
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    How do people here provision new Ceph nodes?

    So you get a rack of new servers that you want to quickly add to your existing cluster. What strategy do you use to provision them? Do you use something like Ubuntu MAAS? Something else?
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    $149 - XPG GAMMIX S70 1TB PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe - 7400/5500MB/s

    Gaming SSD's are overpriced crap, I only buy used enterprise SSD's on eBay. I rather buy something used, without warranty, meant for the data center, than the crap they sell to gamers. PCIv4 bandwitdh doesn't matter as I have yet to see any game being optimized to read more than 1GB/s over 3...
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    storage gold rush?

    With the disk price increase, I think investing in WD or Seagate stocks would be safe and low risk.
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    Optane M10 32gb $36.5

    I have not seen the 32GB model that cheap before. I have tested that as a slog/l2arc in my ZFS NAS and it is definitely a nice boost to have. But, you need a PCIe to M.2 adapter, or an available M.2 slot. In most cases using a similar priced 200GB SLC/MLC drive will give you similar boost.
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    Arista 7050qx 40GbE switch 500 USD with rails
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    storage gold rush?

    Plotting Chia is perfect for SAS 2.5 10k spinners, I can create 50 plots/day on a 24 bay server with cheap 10k 2.5 SAS spinners They consume some power though, but the heat from my basement decrease my regular power bill as it is so cold here in Norway :p But will this shit be profitable, most...
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    Options using ssd drives vs one optane 900p.

    Optane is definitely more fun :-) It opens up a lot of interesting use cases.
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    If you use NFS, don't upgrade to FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE

    So I upgraded my FreeBSD to 13.0-RELEASE this weekend, and immediately I got problems with my Linux NFS client starting to hang and go unresponsive. I am not sure if the FreeBSD release or the Linux NFS client is to blame. There are threads on reddit and FreeBSD mailing lists about users having...
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    EU Ebay: 130x Supermicro Servers - 2.000 EUR

    That is a great deal, for the chassises. The hardware so not so exiting, but still useable.