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    storage gold rush?

    With the disk price increase, I think investing in WD or Seagate stocks would be safe and low risk.
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    Optane M10 32gb $36.5

    I have not seen the 32GB model that cheap before. I have tested that as a slog/l2arc in my ZFS NAS and it is definitely a nice boost to have. But, you need a PCIe to M.2 adapter, or an available M.2 slot. In most cases using a similar priced 200GB SLC/MLC drive will give you similar boost.
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    Arista 7050qx 40GbE switch 500 USD with rails
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    storage gold rush?

    Plotting Chia is perfect for SAS 2.5 10k spinners, I can create 50 plots/day on a 24 bay server with cheap 10k 2.5 SAS spinners They consume some power though, but the heat from my basement decrease my regular power bill as it is so cold here in Norway :p But will this shit be profitable, most...
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    Options using ssd drives vs one optane 900p.

    Optane is definitely more fun :-) It opens up a lot of interesting use cases.
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    If you use NFS, don't upgrade to FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE

    So I upgraded my FreeBSD to 13.0-RELEASE this weekend, and immediately I got problems with my Linux NFS client starting to hang and go unresponsive. I am not sure if the FreeBSD release or the Linux NFS client is to blame. There are threads on reddit and FreeBSD mailing lists about users having...
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    EU Ebay: 130x Supermicro Servers - 2.000 EUR

    That is a great deal, for the chassises. The hardware so not so exiting, but still useable.
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    Used Enterprise SSD Price skyrocket

    3 months ago I got a HGST SMR 3.2TB for 230USD, that should be plenty for a while :) But yeah, prices has increased. Especially RAM and storage. CPU's and motherboards are cheaper though. Network equipment about the same.
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    US MELLANOX SX6036 - $200

    this switch work with ethernet? My use case is RDMA/NVMe-oF.
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    25Gbps over CAT6A? has wall socket for fiber cables that is like a nice looking patch panel. I am planning to get one of those for my living room, or just a small white box where I can pull out the cable. As Tom5051 is mentioning, a bidi transceiver with a single fiber cable is better when you need...
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    Mellanox QSP28 DAC cables compatible with older QSFP speeds?

    I am planning to get some new cables for a 40G setup. And see that on Ebay I can find QSP28 cables for 100G for about the same price as ordinary QSFP+ cables. I guess that the improved QSP28 DAC cables would work, but could anyone confirm that?
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    25Gbps over CAT6A?

    The cheaper long term is fiber. Why do people think fiber is expensive? I would never ever consider CAT6A unless backward compatibility was an issue. Not to mention all the other advantages like power efficiency and improved latency. My biggest issue with fiber is custom termination but in...
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    32x40GbE $400 OBO if you are crazy

    I need a 40GbE switch, 6610 with two ports is no longer enough. This looks like great value for the money, the only thing I need it for is running NVMe-oF. PFC would be nice, but RDMA seems to work really well without it too. The other one I am considering is Arista DCS-7050QX-32S
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    Most deep learning models will work fine with 8GB.
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    Nvidia Tesla M40 - 115$ with free shipping

    no its 16bit float, 16 bits float are much faster to process than 32 bit. Ampere introduced something called tf32, which is a double with less precision. More info here NVIDIA Blogs: TensorFloat-32 Accelerates AI Training HPC upto 20x But the M40 for 115 USD is excellent for experimental deep...