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    [Sold] Lot of 2 Intel X550-T2 10 GBe

    Looks like there isn't any interest here. Fair enough. I will take the listing down on Sunday November 20.
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    How long does it take to lose the "New Member Badge:

    True. The software doesn't seem to take into consideration the number of times I visit.
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    How long does it take to lose the "New Member Badge:

    I have been posting for years and it still says "New Member". What does it take to get Active Member?
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    [Sold] Lot of 2 Intel X550-T2 10 GBe

    Everyone else is having an early Black Friday sale, so I guess I can join in. This is for 2 used (but in excellent condition) Intel X550-T2 10 Gbe NICs. Despite my efforts, I just can't find a real use case for these in my home network. Before I drop these babies on ebay, I wanted to give...
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    AMD EPYC Genoa Gaps Intel Xeon in Stunning Fashion

    It sems every noun is verb fodder recently.
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    HPE Microserver Gen10+ v2 - updated guide?

    Hi @ald0s, I can't answer your specific questions, but will say that configuration is pretty maxed out. My HPE Gen10+ Microserver Proxmox build has 4 flash SSDs, an NVME drive, 64GB ram and a E-2236. It idles about 30W and rarely gets over 110W at the wall, although for stress testing it...
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    Proxmox dark mode - Finally

    @heromode My eyes say "thank you" for this tip.
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    AMD Threadripper Pro 5000 Series Goes DIY Market

    Alas, it marks the end of the non-Pro Threadripper line. We will need to make the giant leap from Ryzen 9 to TR Pro.
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    EXPIRED $279:Oracle F320 (3.2TB) AIC

    I don't think I will live long enough to see it reach 2% used.
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    EXPIRED $279:Oracle F320 (3.2TB) AIC

    Got mine today. Hefty little guy, that is for sure. A quick check of fio gives similar results as that YouTube video above. A lot of hours, a lot of reads on this one. But all looks good, as far as I can tell. root@pve-2:~# smartctl -a /dev/nvme0n1 smartctl 7.2 2020-12-30 r5155...
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    GPU with HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen 10 Plus?

    Thanks @RolloZ170 and @rafale77! It certainly does look I picked the wrong card. I haven't seen any success stories with the T600/T1000, but it certainly looks like a possibility. I had hoped that because the official HPE card was AMD that the W6400 might work, but didn't take into account...
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    EXPIRED $279:Oracle F320 (3.2TB) AIC

    @zack$ Thanks for the tip. I got mine. 48 left!
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    GPU with HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen 10 Plus?

    GPUs don't seem to be mentioned in the Gen 10 Plus Ultimate Customization Guide or anywhere else on the interwebs. Maybe the usual option is go with a CPU with an iGPU? In any case, I thought I would try out a dedicated GPU. HPE does offer a branded version of a Radeon WX 2100, but it is old...
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    cheap 4-5 port 10Gb (base-T/copper) and 1Gb combo switch?

    Sorry to hear that. I hope they replace it.
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    HP Microserver Gen10 Plus firmware update

    Thanks, @RolloZ170. That was helpful to me, at least. I hope it works for the OP too.