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    ICX7750 vs 7050QX vs SX6036

    None of those 3 support 50GbE, 56GbE is Mellanox proprietary, non-standard as already mentioned. SX6036 supports breaking out some 40G ports in 4x10G using special QSFP modules, then you can connect it to SR or LR 10G transceivers on the other end. I've done this, works as advertised. Only 4...
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    Cisco ASR920

    OK, got a new 9396PX, got a pretty good deal I think. Does anyone know if these come with 4post rack rails included or do I have to buy those extra; the vendor doesn't know.
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    Cisco ASR920

    Having done a bit more research, Cisco Nexus 3K is looking pretty good to me. We actually run a pair of 9Ks in one of our data facilities and they've been rock solid, but we only use L2 features on these 9Ks. Any feedback on Cisco Nexus 3K? Am I heading in the right direction there? The...
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    Cisco ASR920

    I am considering this device to replace software routers (Vyos) that are not cutting it anymore. The main requirement is to terminate 4 10Gbps links and route between them at full line rate, 40Gbps in total. Production traffic on all 4 links can be very bursty. The routing table is pretty small...
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    Mellanox Onyx image

    There is an intermediate step where you install a base ONYX version and than go through the update process. You need a special software package to install base ONYX on an ONIE switch, supplied by Mellanox through a support contract/upgrade purchase.
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    Mellanox Onyx image

    Yes, I saw that one, it's very old. The last released version is 3.9.3112, looking for that one.
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    Mellanox Onyx image

    Does anyone have access to last Onyx image and willing to share?
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    HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 533FLR-T does only offer 1 or 10 GBit speed - no 2,5 or 5 GBit ?

    No, this NIC will not link-up at 2.5/5 Gb. The reason is: this NIC is a 10GBASE-T and this standard is older than the newer 2.5GBASE-T and 5GBASE-T standards covering 2.5 GbE and 5 GbE, as a result 10GBASE-T NICs are only backwards compatible to 1000BASE-T and only support 10GbE and 1GbE
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    since 2.5G switches are rare, 10G switches abound, please try Sabrent TH-3WEA USB3 -to- 10G as an adapter

    10G switches typically support only 1G and 10G speeds. There are some that can do 1/2.5/5/10G, but they are rare and expensive.
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    Mellanox Onyx update

    I was able to get a good deal on SN2700 switch, but it has a pretty old MLNX-OS release on it. Does anyone have access to a recent release and willing to share?
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    Looking for: Introduction to Fibre Optics for the Copper Cable user

    Those are proprietary interfaces using multiple wavelengths instead of a single 850nm one. There are all kinds of vendor proprietary interfaces available. Standards-based 100GBASE-SR4/40GBASE-SR4 is defined only over the single 850nm wavelength and 4 parallel rx/tx pairs. I guess I was a bit...
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    Solarflare SFN7501? SFP+ Alternatives?

    I've installed a few SFC9120 based cards, they are running fine, but one thing I don't like is that they run incredibly hot. I've been staying away from them and have been deploying Intel ones.
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    Looking for: Introduction to Fibre Optics for the Copper Cable user

    "Should be" is the salient detail in that document; if people much smarter than me can figure out how to squeeze 100Gbps into a single 850nm frequency than, yes, MPO12 should be future proof. 100Gbps was first available with 10 parallel 10Gbps streams over MPO24, using 20 strands (10tx/10rx)...
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    Suggestion for cheap ToR switch 25GbE with some 100GbE ports

    It's hard to call anything in 25/100GbE cheap as this is the current generation hardware in many data centers, 200/400GbE being state of art. Mellanox SN2700 is 25/100GbE (all ports) and seems to be "cheaper" than SN2410 on flea-bay, but still 3-5K.
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    Looking for: Introduction to Fibre Optics for the Copper Cable user

    Let's clear-up some terminology 1st to make sure we are talking about same things: SR4 means short-reach, 4 tx/rx pairs, so that would be a QSFP transceiver with MPO/MTP coupling. SFP is commonly single tx/rx pair with LC coupling. There are QSFP transceiver with LC coupling, but these are not...