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    cpu nvme raid with epyc rome?

    There is no Epyc UEFI level raid solution for NVMe, have to do it in the OS.
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    Supermicro 4 node twin - internal SSD

    Board looks like an X10DRT-H in a sled for a quad twin. It appears as if the sata power is plugged into the backplane adapter card that runs vertically along the near side of the sled. However, the two options for this board (basic and with sas hba) don't appear to have power connections...
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    Epyc 3000 platforms beyond mini-ITX

    Clearly it has a little extra shelf over itx for all the drive connectors, but congrats to Asrock for pushing the envelope. Where are the slimline PCIe 4.0 x 8 NVME-DOMs? seems like that should be a thing since oculink fizzled.
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    Updated: 8-10-20, EPYCS, DDR3/4, SAS3/NVME's SSDs

    Received 32c ES today. Well packed and HWinfo reports as expected, thanks.
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    Updated: 8-10-20, EPYCS, DDR3/4, SAS3/NVME's SSDs

    Interested in the 7502 if any are still available, thank you.
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    HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus Ultimate Customization Guide

    Thank you for this, read the article and watching the video. I got mine last week, and it has been a nice distraction. Any chance you could post some of the pns/skus of the hardware you tested (i.e. ram/nics)? Thanks.
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    LGA 3647 discoloration

    The soldermask is generally the same thickness everywhere. What you are seeing is ground/power plane pours as well as routing affecting the transparency of the dielectric layers under the soldermask.
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    FS 2029TP 4 NODE SM LGA3647 BARE 900$ price drop

    Are these local pick-up only?
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    Cheapest vsphere grid gpu without licensing costs from Nvidia

    Can you manually load the VIB with community supported level of SW acceptance on 6.7+?
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    AMD EPYC 7262 Review Low Core Count Huge Caches

    Any epyc 7262 benches should include xeon 6234s and 6244s?
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    Gigabyte R272-Z32 Review This 24x NVMe AMD EPYC 7002 Server is a Home Run

    Is the broken forward compatability from 7001 to 7002 parts indicative of a potential small fire sale of 7001 only platforms? Seems like a great homelab niche if the logistics can be managed.
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    Gigabyte R272-Z32 Review This 24x NVMe AMD EPYC 7002 Server is a Home Run

    What's the intended use case for slot 7 "PCIe ESM" and the slimSAS 4i connectors labeled slink0-3?
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    Is there ANY available platform for Rome 7002 series?

    CPUs are available, I have one in front of me, but there seems to be no exisiting platfrom support due to some dual BIOS issue required for both Naples and Rome. No currently available SP3 board supports Rome, what is the deal here? Does anyone have any information? This will become a...
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    WTB: Gigabyte mezzanine bridge card (no offset)

    I'm looking for a PCIe mezzanine interposer as shown here: I only have the Dell ones that have about a half inch offset between the connectors. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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    Gigabyte C621-WD12

    That bare EVGA sr-3 PCB is interesting. Particularly for the orthogonal m.2 22110 between the the pci slots and the back panel. The ridculous power delivery makes it look like a race/OC board for the W-3175X niche, but the right angle power delivery says 1U?