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Are you open to parting the CPU/Motherboard combos? I'm specifically interested in the 8x32GB dimms.
I have pushed the voltage to 1.425v and drawn 220w + at 4GHz it was able to keep the temps at around the 70c mark

I really didn't want to go higher on the Voltage. I don't know where the limit is and I didn't want to find out.

I run it daily at 3.8GHz 1.3V 24/7 100% load in a case. The fan profiles are set to keep the CPU temp at about 50C.

Best regards and have fun with your systems

- 68k
Hello EagerToLearn o/

SO far so good.

This is by first AMD system since owning an AND Athlon X2 4400+

Not too experienced in overclocking these Zen things so I'm trying not to pop it.

I have an 8 core Zen 1 7261 (Training wheels) Bigger 7002 later

I run in silent mode mostly and that is the reason for the over sized cooling.
Never use Hivelocity HQ in Tampa .... =( paid them over 30 hours of remove hands and nothing gets done.
krista is actively seeking employment, preferably writing intricate code in c, c++, or assembly for interesting and exotic new hardware.
I'm interested by the Mikrotik CRS317-1G-16S+RM you are selling. Is it still available? I'm in Paris.
HP iodrive you have any idea why with the driver SRV-IO is still disabled? Is it that the 6.0 esxi driver I got isn't compatible with 6.7u2?
Hi! Do you have any information on the fan mod you did for the PSUs in the Chenbro NR40700/Slicestor 1440? I ordered a couple of these servers and foresee having to modify the PSU fans...