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Hi, picture are great thanks. so are these new units then? I asked because it shows no power on hours.
Hello RFS830, hope you dont mind helping with a Order #MBP3489 , ordered this a month ago, and DHL are showing it not Picked up. They are just supplying silly excusees.

Can you share with 7.4.1e firmware for NOS VDX switches?
for example by temp share service
I bought to him a Supermicro X11SCH-F motherboard, shipped quickly, well packed. An awesome seller!
I've bought a LSI 9400-16i controller. Well packed, shipped very quickly, an awesome seller!
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Thanks for the feedback!
He bought me a Supermicro X10SDV-4C-7TP4F, fast payment, very nice buyer.
Bought two CPUs from him - Received them in probably the best CPU packaging I've ever seen. Flawless transaction, a pleasure to do business with.
Hello - do you still have Ruckus R750 still available. I need 2 of them.

I'll reply in about 15 minutes once I get off this meeting.
Are you in the US?
Did you ever find a way to update the bmc to 1.19 without having to request a new chip from asrock rack? I am running into the same issue that you did: stuck in verifying in the ipmi web gui and device not found when booting into dos. do you know if by just updating the bios to 3.20, it would work ok with a milan cpu?
Keith Myers
To get Inventory Control working you have to use one of the beta "L" BIOS, like L3.24 or L3.28 which implements a Redfish server on the host to probe and control the inventory.
The caveat with those is that it about doubles the boot time for initializing the Redfish interface.

If you don't care about inventory, then stick to the stock 3.20 BIOS and get faster bootups.
Thanks. I tried loading 3.28 but still no inventory.
Keith Myers
I'm running the L3.28 BIOS on my 7443P ROMED8-2T host. I have the Inventory control. I got it and the previous L3.24 BIOS from
RE Ironwolves: Are you firm on the 2600EUR? I'm in Germany, how much would shipping cost be? I'm expecting top notch packaging of course ;)