Yes we can pinch power from a HPE motherboard smart battery


Master Tinker
I just thought I'd share a little mod. If one wants to use the more recent HPE raid cards in a non-HPE server, one then has to do without the cache battery as it is no longer a portable unit like the good old days.

So just take a high quality XLR microphone cable (they have a female and a male end), cut in half. Then take the battery cable which connects from card to HPE server, cut in half (keep note of the wires as they're usually all black! we don't want any accidents).

Now proceed to solder the wires together, I recommend a little flux on the wire tips and a gentle pre-tinning stage, then solder away. Seal up in either heatshrink or tape. Then find a hole to poke through (or drill one) and mount wire inside the server so that it's held firmly and can't be pulled out prematurely, do the same on the other server too. Also I'd advise having the female plug on the power-source end so that we don't have any exposed bits dangling around.

It is only 3 wires, and it is low power, whence the use of an XLR cable being ideal, can even run long lengths of it with XLR extension cables too if you need (tested and works great!).

Once we plug the male into the female, happy days, HPE raid card in foreign server now has cache battery backup too.

Here's a shot of the XLR female end in the power-source server: