(WTB - US)ECC SODIMM that works with EPC612D4I


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Dec 13, 2013
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How is everyone doing? I looking to buy 2 - 4 sticks of ECC memory (8gb min) that works with Asrock Rack EPC612D4I. I had some Unbuffered ECC sticks that I thought would work but the motherboard is just giving me a solid green light, no boot. Looking on eBay and Amazon is coming up fruitless and was hoping that someone had a few sticks to sell. Thanks in advanced.
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Mar 2, 2019
I have the same board. You can improve your chances of your sticks working by upgrading the BIOS. Also, if you don't have all four slots populated then make sure you're using them in the correct order as it says in the manual. Mine is a bit funny if it only has one stick or if it has two but they're in the wrong places.

Failing that, stick to the compatibility list on the website and they'll definitely work.

I currently have 4x32GB ECC Samsung sticks in one, 2x32GB ECC Samsung in another and 4x16GB non-ECC Hynix in a third. All matched.

The board does work fine with non-ECC RAM (not mixed with ECC obviously). If you're using Linux it'll show a warning in the boot log for each stick that you can ignore.
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