WTB 3TB+ HDDs (6 to 13)

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Oct 15, 2016
Orlando, FL
Seems I've had rotten luck lately. Over the past few weeks I've been the second person to respond to two different threads selling 12 or more 3TB HDDs. One was Toshiba enterprise drives for $55/ea, and the other was WD Reds for $50/ea. I'm looking to set up one or two RAIDZ2 arrays with 6 drives each, so ideally I'd be looking to buy either 6, 7, 12 or 13 drives, to potentially have a spare around.

I'm not extremely picky (I don't think?), but I'm looking for drives that have no SMART errors, and a reasonable runtime, say 2 years (17k hours - but I'm a little flexible). It's not really important to me whether the drives have warranty remaining or not, that's what you sign up for when you buy used at two for one :). For personal reasons I'm not interested in Seagate at all, but I'm definitely willing to go with Toshiba or Hitachi. WD reds would of course be welcome. That said I'm also not interested in "white label", counterfeit, "SMART refreshed", etc. kind of drives. Just the old genuine hard drives you bought a few years ago and are now pulling to replace with 6TB or 8TB versions :)

For what it's worth, I'm not 100% hard-set on the price or capacity, I'm just going by the two threads I missed out on. I'd entertain paying a tad more for a "better" 3TB drive, and if someone has 4TB drives and was willing to let them go cheap enough, I might be able to spring for 6 of those and live with one array for now.

Really my main driver is to keep cost down. If I can't find a good deal on used parts my best option is to buy reds new from WD's EDU store at 20% off. Unfortunately, even with that discount, buying new is really too big a strain on the budget right now. Thanks!