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Discussion in 'Networking' started by DrStein99, May 10, 2018.

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    There are a bunch of eBay models for the pro-curve switches. I want 24 ports all 1gb, managed switch. Seems like a simple request. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bunch of models, I am not familiar with the line. Does anyone know the differences? Looks like so far


    and "2510G" mixed in there too

    I think they are all about the same price, so if possible I prefer to just get the one with the best / most options if it is just going to be around the same $40 for any of them. Does anyone have experience with this line, give me advice to pick one out please?
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    J9021A - 2810-24G
    J9029A - 1800-8G (8 port). You need J9028B - 1800-24G (24 port).
    J9279A - 2510-24G

    and "2510G" mixed in there too
    "Additionally, the 2510-G switches add Gigabit Ethernet to the 2510 series, with the 2510G-24 and 2510G-48 switches, which are 24- and 48-port 10/100/1000 switches, each with four dual-personality ports, making them ideal for businesses that are ready to upgrade to increased network performance."

    I have been using HP switches for a long time and I love them. If you have a specific question, please ask. These switches are different, in throughput, features and target audience.
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    i love my J9450A and it's fanless, if you want a quiet one, you might take a look on it.
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    Is "J9021A" the model ? Is "2510g" the series? I do not know. I am confused. If I do not do my research before I buy this, I wind up getting the whammy-model, instead of the technician's model or whichever one has options to mirror, monitor, track, log, block, permit, and whatever else. I would need to wire-shark monitor traffic through/between some ports when I need to, so I do not know if that is a premium option or all of the models have it. I only want to spend around $40.

    If there is a model with 10gbt uplink sfp port, then better - but not necessary. I am not running 10gb anywhere yet and have no immediate plans. My speed concerns are for my servers, ip cameras, and serving media streams to all the devices in my house. I may copy large files from time to time, but nothing yet that demands 10gb.

    A fanless switch is nice, but not important for me since this goes in a room in house dedicated with 8 servers, air conditioner, and the whole rest.

    If there is a model that has the best display on the front - even better. I like lights, I want to see them blink - and know what is going on.
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    For ~$40 you won't get anything with a working 10Gb port sadly.

    The managed 2810-48G or -24G switch will do the rest of what you want. Note that the 4 cages you see in the pictures are SFP (1G) not SFP+ (10G) ports, and they are shared with the last 4 copper ports.

    Avoid the ones without the G at the end - they are 10/100 switches, sometimes with a 1G uplink depending on the model. Basically worthless these days (but they are managed). I have some 24 port ones you could have for cost of shipping.

    I have dozens of the "ProCurve J9022A Switch 2810-48G" switches deployed all over, they are great for run of the mill IPv4 networking.

    Some notes:
    - They can fall apart under massive traffic loads (high PPS) but that is common for that age of switch. Cisco etc have issues too.
    - Only supports up to 32vlans, and you have to reboot the switch to change the max # of vlans
    - Number of multicast groups supported is low, and varies based on the max # of vlans you configure
    - Single internal power supply, you can get a external RPS unit and speedy cables to add redundancy but I have never attempted
    - Gawd awful old school java web ui. Don't even both trying to get it to work, use the CLI over the serial port or telnet / ssh
    - No IPv6 support to speak of (doesn't matter if just used for L2)
    - They have fans. If they fail the switch will probably work still if it is in a cooler environment with airflow. You will get error led's and messages in the console / snmp. Airflow is side to side, no holes in front/back.
    Test them out when you buy them used - I have gotten ones in with bad ports (both physical issues and the port just doesn't link up),but that is good idea for all used stuff. I have had individual ports fail on me, but the other ports were fine. Odd that it is single port failures and not groups of nearby ports like I have seen in other switch series in the past.

    There is a lot of documentation out there for the series of switches from HP (now on the HPE site), you can figure out all the details be reading through the manuals before buying if you want.

    Moving up the price and features stack, the 2900 series switches have one or 2 module slots on the back that offer 10G in the obsolete CX4 format or huge X2 transcievers. You can pick up the optics for $20-50 each and then use a SC to LC jumper to connect to something recent.

    If you have other questions ask away!
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    Adding to the Blinky's detailed prev post -
    2810-<??>G have grandfathered lifetime warranty. I picked up one with 2 dead ports (no physical damage). Opened a support case with HP and they overnighted me a 2530-24g. It's a newer one. Didn't bother to compare but I'm using for basic home use so didn't run into any limitations described above.

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    There's two revs of the 1810G-24, the v1 rev J9450A is also floating around. 24-port gig, fanless, and very low power consumption. On the downside no 10GB, no POE, and is a smart switch (simplified L2, snmp read only, and web management only).

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