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The New James Dean
Jul 27, 2015
Proxmox uses KVM for virtualization, meaning the KVM image covers Proxmox as well.
Exactly. But they have stated Not Proxmox on their site?

Reading further, the only thing I could gather was that they have only tested on other hypervisors, but not Proxmox, so everything they recommend is not for Proxmox.

I see them stating they haven't tested it. But, to openly state No Proxmox, that's harsh... that would seem they found something bad.

But again, only thing I found was that they haven't tested it.

There was also one discussion, I think in their forums, where someone was reporting issues with Proxmox and and this ISO. To me, and the logs they posted, it seemed to be an ARP issue with their switch. But that was all I could find on the combo.


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May 15, 2019
Exactly. But they have stated Not Proxmox on their site?
Oh, it completely slipped by me that it was a quote, supporting KVM, but outright stating "No Proxmox" makes no sense to me. It's not like KVM in Proxmox is some weird aberration, it's just KVM on Debian with management middleware and frontend added on top.
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Nov 25, 2019
To me that is just lawyer speak for netgate has working/tested downloads for (kvm,BMI,VMware), but do not have supported downloads that directly work on Proxmox or hyperV.

the kvm download can obviously be made to work on Proxmox but it is not a download and directly run scenario and takes a few steps to get the vm up from the kvm qcow2. Big diff between works but unsupported, doesn't work at all and netgate forbids you from running TNSR under Proxmox.