Trouble Initializing Disks OmniOS / Napp-it

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    I have two questions about initializing disks into my napp-it server (omnios).

    Question 1) Whenever I drop brand new disks to rebuild mirrors with a larger disks, napp-it cannot see the drives in the "Initialize" section unless I put the drive first into a windows machine and initialize it in windows. Why can't napp-it do this itself? (I'm sure it probably can but I have something wrong.)

    Question 2) So while testing my pool I simulated a hardware failure by popping a drive that was part of a mirror out (no hotspares); I then popped it back in a few minutes later expecting it would rebuild itself automatically. This did not happen. The drive continued to show as "REMOVED". so I tried the napp-it interface to replace the drive... this didnt work, it showed no drives available to replace. So I attempted to delete the "REMOVED" drive to see if I could then add it. I was able to remove the drive and now my mirror is now just a single disk; but the server now does not see the removed drive to be able to extend the pool again as a mirror. The removed drive does not show up as an initialization target either.

    Question 2A) What should I have done to recover after popping the existing drive out and popping it back in (assume that the drive that was popped in and out is healthy).

    Question 2B) After "deleting" the drive from the pool... How come napp-it refuses to see the drive anymore? Why can't I reinitialize the drive?

    -EDIT So after actually allowing things to reboot, I could use the removed drive again to add to the pool. Is it possible to do this without rebooting?
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    I suppose your disk controller is not hot plug capable or enabled.

    SAS HBAs are always hot plug capable. Sata/ AHCI is often hot plug capable but you may need to enable in bios and in OmniOS. You can enable Sata hotplug for OmniOS in System > Appliance tuning or by adding

    * enable sata hotplug
    set sata:sata_auto_online=1

    to /etc/system.
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