TinyMiniMicro - AsRock industrial series

Michel L.

New Member
Apr 19, 2021
Hey Patrick,

I was wondering if you could do some reviews for the AsRock industrial PCs. They have some small form factor (~0.6L) boxes, fanless or not, AMD or Intel. I have a couple of their older products at home ("Beebox-S", which uses the same form factor but with an older and lower TDP CPU), which I have been happy with, but will need to upgrade sooner or later.

Some example models:
https://www.asrockind.com/en-gb/NUC BOX-1165G7 (intel)
https://www.asrockind.com/en-gb/4X4 BOX-4800U (amd)
https://www.asrockind.com/en-gb/iBOX-1185G7E (intel fanless)
https://www.asrockind.com/en-gb/iBOX-V2000M (amd fanless)