Supermicro X9SCM/X9SCL LGA-1155 Xeon Motherboard Series


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Jul 21, 2017
Even though this is an old board, I found what seems to be some definite answers on i5 and i7 compatibility from here:

"when v2.0 BIOS was first released so that all these X9SCx boards could accommodate Ivy Bridge's, it supported i5/i7 CPU's as well as non-ECC RAM (upto 16GB) very briefly (actually I did a thread about it at that time). but 2.0A wrecked havoc of incompatibility with bunch of PCIe cards, so it was quickly replaced by v2.0A (now 2.0B), and i5/i7/non-ECC supports were removed ever since. this goes to tell us that BIOS does play a role."

So the bottom line seems to be that there was support for i5/i7, but it caused issues with pci cards so was later removed.