Supermicro SC848 Fan mod

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May 18, 2011
I'm finishing my 848 build out. Currently have 4 E5-4650 v2 CPU and 256GB of RAM.
I have swapped out the PS for SQ, but the fans are still pretty loud.
Still working on the drives, but will probably start with (8) 2TB SATA SSD and (8) 14TB SATA HDD.

In the front there are four (FAN-0115L4) 80x80x38 7K fans and in the rear there is one (FAN-0126L4) and one (FAN-0128L4) 92x92x38 7K fans.
I have read many posts regarding quieting the SC846 but looking for some suggestions specific to the SC848


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Aug 20, 2020
So, might I suggest you try changing the CPU coolers, if you haven't already? Currently those fans are doing double duty by cooling the front of the chassis and your CPUs, if they don't have their own cooling. Using something like the Noctua 3U or 4U coolers made for servers should help quiet it down. This should be in addition to the fans in front, of course.


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Apr 10, 2022
I have an SC848 as well. Can confirm they use 92x92x38 7k fans. The fans are in hot swap cages, which is nice, but *really* require that 38mm depth to clear the handhold indentations. I’ve tried Noctua NF-A9s and the indentations don’t allow the fan to fit.