Supermicro mainboard not detecting PCI-E card

Johan Kooijman

New Member
Feb 11, 2020
I'm having an issue where a Supermicro mainboard doesn't detect a Mellanox PCI-E NIC.

The mainboard is a X11DDW-NT-B running bios 3.2 (latest available). It was functioning fine in it's former setup. I recently had to change the config. I removed a dual 10 Gbit intel PCI-E NIC and swapped it out with a MCX4121A-ACAT ConnectX®-4 Lx NIC. The Intel card was functioning OK, so we know the PCI-E slot & riser are OK.

I don't see the Mellanox ports in my boot options in the bios. I also don't get the Flexboot Mellanox BIOS during POST. And it doesn't show up in lspci.

However - I do see light on the switchports, so the NIC is powered and seems to be responding.

Any clue where to look?