Some SAS Cards


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Mar 25, 2016
Stamford, CT
I am following your thread "Flash/Crossflash DELL H330 RAID Card to HBA330/12Gbps HBA IT Firmware." So isn't this the same SAS3008 so virtually same as Dell H330 card?
Yeah my instinct is telling me that these cards are the same since they basically use the same SAS3008 chipset, which means flashing is certainly possible. I will try to see if I can snag one or two at a further discount and attempt a flash.

Plus Supermicro has alot of backchannels on these LSI chipsets, if not even more so than Dell. So there's an excellent chance they will flash the same. When I do snag one and if I'm successful, I will make a post for the Supermicro card as well. Between Dell and Supermicro, these oem's sure do come in handy for cheaper parts.
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