[Solved] P9A-I using XPEnology XPEnoboot 5.1-5022.2 "configuration lost"

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    I hope it is okay to post this piece of experience to the forums, knowing that it is a kind of specialized problem and should probably be posted in the XPEnology forums.
    As those are kind of messy I decided to rather post here.
    If someone thinks it should be moved to the OS section: feel free to do so.

    When trying to install XPEnology using the latest XPEnoboot 5.1-5022.2 I came across an issue.
    System booted up fine.
    Connecting to the "DSM" via web Interface would bring up the error message "configuration lost"
    and require me to reinstall.
    (It would show all the attached HDDs)

    After reinstalling it was again showing "configuration lost"

    So after some hours I figured out the solution:
    I had all my HDDs attached to the onboard Marvell SAS Controller.
    So while showing the drives correctly in DSM for whatever reasons the configuration is alwas lost.
    After attaching one drive to one of the two onboard SATA connectors everything is working well.
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