(SOLVED) Migrating linux guests from vsphere to hyper-v?


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Jul 14, 2011
This has been an adventure, to say the least. I have 2 win10 and 2 server 2019 guests. I migrated one of the win10 (non-critical) with ease. Used the starwind v2v converter (microsoft virtual machine converter is not an option, since it can't talk to esxi 6.7 - sigh). I also tried 4 of the less critical linux guests. One is debian, and pretty much just worked (had to diddle the NIC name). None of the 3 centos7 guests work. They do in fact start booting, but well into the boot process, I start seeing dracut init timeout messages, and end up in the dracut rescue shell. I do remember seeing messages about /dev/disk/by* not being found (which leads me to suspect a udev issue?), but even changing the /etc/fstab entries to specify the specific sda disk or whatever doesn't fix things. Oddly enough, if I boot from the grub 'rescue' entry, this doesn't happen, but that's not really a solution. Any thoughts or tips appreciated! I'm also going to ask on the starwind forum.
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