SOLD -- FS (US-Seattle) 2 x AMD EPYC Milan 7413 Server ($4500 obo)


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Aug 12, 2018
I am selling some of my home lab as it is starting to get a bit out of hand!
I only powered on this server to validate all components and test for install of vmware esxi 7.0U2a.

Dell PowerEdge R6525 (latest gen) with 2 x amd milan 7413 (24c) CPUs, 2x16GB 3200Mhz ram, 2 x 800W PSUs, SAS,SATA,NVME 10 x 2.5" Backplane, Upgraded LCD bezel and rails.

I am selling this server with a small amount of ram to keep the overall price down. I will also throw in a new dell 960GB sata ssd. I have a lot of new ssds that I may also be willing to sell including a pair of new intel optane p5800x 800GB and 2 x dell 6.4TB NVME gen4 ssds.

I also have 2 x r7525 servers, one with dual amd rome 7h12s and the other with dual amd milan 7763s. I am still not sure about these 2 servers but PM me if interested. Patrick did a nice review of these servers and they really are state of the art for the top tier vendors.

I can only ship to the US and accept paypal. I will pay for expedited fedex shipping. I have a couple of resellers that are interested and will be putting up on "the bay" soon but wanted to give my favorite forum a try first!

PM me with any questions or if you need any more pics.



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