[SOLD][FS][US-IL] 2x Essentially Unused HGST SN100 3.82 TB (HUSPR3238ADP301)

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May 16, 2022
I've got two HGST SN100 3.82 TB drives (model number HUSPR3238ADP301) I'm looking to get rid of. These are essentially unused; I bought them locally from someone in similar condition and set them up as an array in a TrueNAS box where they sat waiting for a 10G networking upgrade. Selling to consolidate media and take advantage of today's pricing. I can provide SMART information on request, and I can throw in a passive U.2/SATA to PCIex4 adapter for one of the drives.

Asking $180 each with free shipping or within the US but open to reasonable offers. I'm also willing to do local pickup in Chicago. I'd prefer PayPal or in-person cash but can work with other methods. Let me know if you have any questions.
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