So I have this Mellanox ConnectX-3 and ESXi 6.7U1 and I want to tune ..

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    I have two Connect X-3 cards, port 1 to switch, port 2 direct connection between hosts. Set up with virtual switch + port group in ESXi (6.7 U1), private IP assigned by FreeNAS ... (intended purpose is a high bandwidth transport for replication / segmented from all other traffic)

    So when FreeNAS-01 & FreeNAS-02 talk (iperf) they get ~14 Gbps (and I thought that seemed "low"), but when I create a vmkernel for ESXi to use, and use the same exact iperf settings, I get ~34 Gbps.

    My theory is that the default settings of ESXi are "conservative" and TSO et al can be manually tweaked to allow more of that juice to be passed through to the VM ...

    I found a few bits regarding this on the web, tried to tweak the settings, and ended up totally screwing the network settings on both hosts. And it looks like the settings have changed in format etc ...

    Anyone have any ideas for optimization here? Thanks in advance.

    Reference link = [SOLVED]Mellanox ConnectX 3 can't get 40G only 10G
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