Small shoutout to Crashplan

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Dec 7, 2012
I had a disk failure recently that required restoring 6TB over a few hundred thousand files from Crashplan SMB. Prior to this point, I'd just done some cursory testing with a handful of files to ensure I could do it at all, but didn't seriously test speeds.

So the restore starts and it's going 1 Mbps. First for a half-hour, then an hour. I start writing a nastygram to Crashplan support; being this terrible would defeat the purpose of the service if they won't ship seed drives.

But then it starts to tick upward. By the two hour mark, it's at 200 Mbps. At four hours, 500 Mbps. And for the latter half of the archive, it was maxing out my 1 Gbps connection. The entire restore didn't take much longer than 24 hours.

I don't claim the service is ideal in every way, but purely on speed and reliability: they get an A+. Just throwing this out as a counter to some of the more negative impressions I've seen.
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Jun 13, 2019
I'm glad you had a good experience with Crashplan. I used to used Backblaze because they can provide 4tb drives with your data in a pinch.

I later switched to Crashplan when I moved my storage to linux. However, I noticed the same slow download speeds when I tried to restore my data - it said it was going to take 69 years to download all of my backups. I contacted support, but the speeds remained slow.

I recently switched to GSuite and RClone, since Google has insane upload/download capacity and supports a maximum of 750gb upload and 10tb download per day for GSuite. It only costs $10 dollars a month too


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Mar 2, 2019
I had nothing but pain the rear with Crashplan. From their very often release of software updates to backup software which often broke existing 3rd party software branches, specifically unsupported Qnap module. After they announced changes in biz model and stop support our type of install at all. I've tried (few years ago) to build a dedicated ubuntu-based CrashPlan box and they couldn't even provide instructions on how to auto-start on reboot with systemd. Luckily Qnap support direct backup to Google Cloud, including delta backup and on-premise encryption with a private key. Zero issues since then and much reduced bills
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