SM onboard 2308 not detecting new drives

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    So I've been running a 6047R-E1R36L for several months now, the onboard 2308 controller has the latest IT firmware loaded. OS is Server 2016.

    When I initially set it up, i had 6 drives installed (2x 10TB, 4x 12TB), everything went smoothly and has been working great in a SnapRAID/DrivePool

    The other day, I went to add a new 12TB to the pool. It initially detected in Windows/MSM, but when I tried to initialize the disk/format it, it froze up and eventually dropped the disk. MSM reported unexpected remove/reinsert. I tried a different slot, with the same result - detects immediately, but when I try to initialize, it freezes up and drops the disk.

    With several reboots, I then tried an old 1TB and 2TB I had laying around, and neither of those even detected at all.

    Through all this, the existing 6 disks are running fine and there are no issues with accessing the data on them. I just can't seem to add any more disks to this backplane.

    Has anyone seen something like this before? Am I missing something?
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