SFF-8485 or SGPIO

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    I have build my little home server some time ago but since i went the shiny way I have a little problem now...

    I built my server into a Lian Li PC-A77FB (link) with 4 Lian Li EX-H34B (link). Currently i still have two intel SASUC8I but I'm switching to IBM M1015 soon. Since the whole build is consumer grade SATA stuff i have no activity/error/location leds on the case, but I know they normally are transmitted via a specified bus (sff-8485) either via the sff-8087 cable or some dedicated cable.
    There are several solutions for driving the leds from this bus but the ones I found (from maxim and cypress) require one insanely small, hard to solder smd ic (if i ever get my hands on one).
    So the question is, has anyone attempted anything like this or am I doomed to fail from the beginning?

    Also if anyone knows a cheap backplane I can scrap for parts like a controller I would appreciate that as well.

    All comments and help are appreciated!
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    Also looking for a solution.....but this thread sure is silent :/

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