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    Does anyone have experience using PicoPSUs with a 1u server PSU and breakout board? Powering PicoPSUs from an inexpensive 1200W platinum server PSU with a six-pin breakout board looks like a ridiculously economical way to power a handful of low power servers.

    Any recommendations for reliable/high quality breakout kits?
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    I see your picopsu and I raise you the built in DC-DC PDB in almost all servers.

    Most modern servers with hot swappable power supplies use PSUs that output almost exclusively 12v. The PDB then takes this 12v and creates whatever voltage(s) the system needs.

    Now...if you think about it...the only difference between a "picopsu" and this DC-DC converter that's already in the server is that the PDB passses through the "turn on" logic to the actual PSU. i.e there's a 12vSB line, PWR GOOD signal etc etc that is passed on to the PSU instead of the PDB implementing it itself.

    All of those "breakout boards" essentially tell the PSU, what a motherboard would typically tell it (via the PDB).

    What would be a simple "ATX turn on" circuit specifially for PDBs, that takes an external 12v input, implements the control logic and voila! A simple relay, a few pins, some 12v bypassing and it could be done really really easily.

    The reason I've been thinking along these lines, instead of just buying picopsus is that most pico PSUs do not provide enough/right connectors. Even a lowly server motherboard has an 8 pin EPS input, and the pico PSUs that have an 8 pin EPS are...rare.

    If I wasn't so swamped, I'd actually sit down and design this. I even have a footprint in Asia where I could get this type of thing built for pennies.
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    I ran several servers with 160W Pico-PSUs and a 220V, 2400W Delta power supply. Used the X5 breakout board that Parallel Miner sells. Keep in mind that the polarity on standard 4 or 6 pin extension cables are likely reversed for the inputs on a Pico-PSU. Also, you'll have to use IPMI or some other solution to power the servers on and off.
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