Seeking assistance with SX6018 conversion to Ethernet


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Apr 2, 2015
Would anyone be open to converting my 4x 6018s from IB into 40GBE as a paid project? I've followed this thread on and off for a couple years, and like the MacGyver aspects of the conversion, but have too many other projects already going on. I don't need anything fancy - just a simple 40GBE switch.

I would gladly pay $100 (per switch) - possibly more - if that interests anyone. PM me if you're open to helping.

The original thread for performing this conversion is here:

These switches are EMC 6018s with EMC OS - FYI.

I can provide a PC with a serial connection to each switch, for your remote access to the switch through TeamViewer or your preferred remote access solution. Let me know if anything else would facilitate remote configuration/flashing of these devices.

Thanks to @Rand__ for pointing me to the existence of this thread
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