SAS2 expander with SAS3 controller experiences

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    Thanks in advance for the help,

    I have a super micro board (x11-ssl-cf) with an LSI3008 controller in IT mode, and wanted to add an expander. I have a Intel SAS 2 expander already (RES2CV240) on hand, and was wondering if anyone has had any issues using a SAS2 expander with a SAS3 controller? I realize that bandwidth will be limited to 6 Gb/s but I'm using spinning disks. Thanks again
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    No problem at all, except for the obvious bandwidth limitation you've already noted. The SAS3 controller will simply negotiate SAS2 speeds for the links on the expander and be happy.
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    Oct 6, 2016
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    I know this is an old thread but I have had a really hard time finding data on whether a SAS3 contoller will work with a SAS2 expander. Can anyone else with first hand experience confirm that this works?

    I tried a Dell PERC H730P Adapter (SAS3) with an Intel RES2SV240NC SAS2 Expander and it cause the H730P controller not to post with error controller in Fault State. That only occurs when the H730P is interconnected to the RES2SV240NC. The H730P posts with no expander. Given that experience, I thought that it might be necessary to use controllers and expanders of the same generations (i.e. - SAS2 / SAS3).

    If others have had a different experience; I'd like to here the specifics of the use case.
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    There's a post on this board that will explain this better. I cant find it. I had the same problem with my h730. There is setting that need to be changed to get it to work with an expander. I had a h830 on hand so i use that with the expander. I couldnt get the fix to really work on the h730. If i find the link i'll add it
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