Rough Content Plan March 2021


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Dec 21, 2010
Hey everyone,

Family health issues have not subsided. We have more people in the hospital, not less so I am quite backed up right now. The sleep I got last night was in an ER parking lot. Tomorrow is going to be the first piece where I am going to have to pull a swap because something is simply not complete. I apologize to the STH community. Usually, this stuff has no impact, but there are certain pieces where I make a bet that I will be done, and sometimes we do not hit the date. I have been walking around today in a tired fog.

I did want to give you some sense of what we have planned for March. It may seem like STH has been quiet in Jan/ Feb. It turns out Jan was up around 25% Y/Y traffic-wise and Feb is going to do well despite having one less day. It is strange to feel like, on one hand, STH is starving for content, yet we are growing.

Recently, I mentioned a few big projects. Just some sense of what those are:
  1. Our Cooper Lake series will start tomorrow. The planned start piece is now going to be Thursday's article/ video. The now Thursday piece got (way) too complex but I also really like what it has turned into. Hopefully, Thursday's piece is a bookmark and reference piece.
  2. We will have more Threadripper Pro coverage, along with some other coverage in March for some lower-end announcements.
  3. AMD said Milan is launching in Q1. It has not launched yet, but that leaves a 35-day launch window. As you would expect from STH, this will have a ton of content behind it.
  4. We are going to do some more leading-edge networking. I have a 400GbE switch I am working on.
  5. We have 200GbE Mellanox NICs and another interesting NIC (hope to get to both in March)
  6. TinyMiniMicro is going to take a turn into some of the newer nodes to get some new v. used perspective.
  7. We also have a pretty cool software guide on managing them that I somewhat showed a piece of in the last HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini video.
  8. I now have multiple systems with Optane PMem 100, previously Optane DCPMM working. I have been doing a ton of work learning all about using the DIMMs, tools around them, and pitfalls. Originally I ordered 2x 4 packs of 256GB DIMMs, but I was delivered 2x 256GB PMem 200 DIMMs instead. Still fighting that one (the invoice says a 4-pack) so I am doing the series on the first-gen. This took adding more DIMMs to get some parallelism.
  9. We have a PB class storage system that is getting nearly done. It is a huge system.
I know it has seemed a bit sparse on STH recently. Being in the quiet period before the "storm" of major new platform launches leads to this kind of challenge.

When the big launches got pushed, we took on too many overly ambitious projects. Let us just call that what it is.

I just want everyone to be aware that STH is still chugging along, just very stretched on capacity right now. A lot of that is due to me just getting overly ambitious with some insanely cool stuff.