Repairing a USB-PD to MagSafe 2 adapter...


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Jun 10, 2018
So this is a little bit of a pet peeve of mine - I have a USB-C to MagSafe-2 injector that I use expressly for the purpose of having the best of both worlds - ability to use a cheap USB-PD power brick, and the relatively idiot-resistant MagSafe 2 port on my MacBook Air 11 (possibly one of the best toss-into-my-bag-and-forget-it devices for a sysadmin out there).

This device has a chip that can consume power from a 30, 45 60 or 90w USB-PD power source, negotiate it to 30 or 45w output and then push it out to the MagSafe2 plug (which has 5 pins - the center control pin which runs the color LED indicating charge status and a power+ground on each side, mirrored so it doesn’t matter how it is oriented)

Imagine my annoyance when the torsional stress finally broke that damned Magsafe2 connector after about 6 months of service.


it’s actually kind of amazing what you can do with an iFixit iOpener glue melting bag, a good spudger and the desire to disassemble and fix this 15 dollar adapter

518977F9-1697-4E2E-9D7F-B377E1825D53.jpeg convenient - all I need is to solder a new MagSafe 2 cable (available on eBay for repairing power bricks), close it up and see if it still works. Maybe put some seals around it to make it dust and water resistant...I wonder what that 6 segment LED display is all about.
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