Raspberry Pi & VoIP phones


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May 1, 2013
My next project.. a Raspberry Pi 3 B (check), installed RASPBX (Debian, Asterisk, and FreePBX) onto an SD card (check), and a few xBlue Networks X-2020 VoIP phones (check). VoIP phones registered and working with asterisk using SIP (check). Don't know anything about PJSIP. Have inbound calls working with Google Voice, but sadly, no outbound calls with Google Voice. (ATM, Google Voice is North America AFAIK.)

Three things:
1. Use oAuth 2.0 with Google Voice (kinda sorta have it working for incoming calls)
2. Use Bluetooth (BT) with my cell phone (first attempt quickly went south)
3. Have a paging function for all phones (whisper for in use handsets, otherwise this is the only use for auto answer (ideally with silence, not dial tone, busy, etc.)

If I can get this to work, then I might try building another set or two.

I had to scratch the first attempt as I made a mess with users and extensions in trying to get the VoIP phones registered and working. Paging sorta works if auto answer is enabled on the phones, I have it disabled ATM to better test Google Voice (no good to have it answer and nobody home).
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