Quanta LB6M (10GbE) -- Discussion

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Apr 6, 2015
As I understand it and generally speaking, the amount of noise a fan makes is directly proportional to the amount of air it is moving. Question is, is it moving more air (and thus making more noise) than is necessary to cool the switch. It's entirely possible that it is. I recently tackled this problem with a Quanta server. It was way beyond the point of being tolerable and in addition to the noise it had a wah wah wah pitch that was driving me absolutely insane. I was contemplating replacing the 4 dual 80mm fans with quieter fans when I ran across the ipmi commands to slow the fans down somewhere on the board. I slowed them down to the lowest speed and now I can't hear it at all except in the server room and even then it's more than tolerable. and what about temps? No problem, they increased a small amount but not enough to matter. Turned an insufferable box into a useful server. Don't know if there's a software solution to the noise problem with the LB6m but if there is it sure would be nice. I have one and only use it when I absolutely need the speed.

Sean Ho

Nov 19, 2019
Vancouver, BC
This is true, but fans also differ in noise level even when pushing the same CFM. Bearings and blade design make a difference, and certainly a couple big 200mm fans on top of the switch can push a lot of air at very low RPMs compared to the stock 40mm screamers. But I agree that software fan control, a la ipmitool for servers, is definitely the easiest way to quiet a 1U down.
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Jan 7, 2021
Is there a way to revert to automatic fan speed control on a Brocade-flashed LB6M (after you've manually set a fan-speed)? I've consulted the "Brokeaid" guide, Brocade's TurboIron 24X docs and, of course, le Google, but I'm not finding the relevant commands. I can change/set the 3 fan speed thresholds, but can't figure out how to make the switch utilize them to control the fan speed automatically.