Qnap TVS-872N Question


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Mar 2, 2019
I've posted this question on QNAP community, but so far no answers whatsoever.
Maybe some current QNAP NAS owners could chime in : TVS-872N runs on i3-8100T (coffee lake) which supports quicksync. I plan to run Plex server with hardware encoding enabled using it.
I am also looking to move my current NVR to use QNAP's QVR Pro instead. Stock comes with 8 camera licenses, which should be plenty for me.

My question is: Does QVR Pro uses quicksync in any way (so far it seems like it doesn't, but hardware acceleration is mentioned on client side) uses quicksync and if it indeed does - would that prevent me from using both at the same time?

My goal is to unify all my various boxes (diy NAS, plex running on nuc, few light VMs (except NVR), and a few containers) into one box. Goes without saying that I plan to beef it up with both memory and m.2 SSDs.