Power consumption of on-board, but disabled, SAS controllers.

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    On Supermicro X8/X9/X10 boards that have onboard 2000 and 3000 series LSI chipsets, if you set the jumper to disabled, does that actually turn the chip off electrically? Meaning zero power consumption is contributed by it?
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    I built some E3 X10 systems recently with boards that have onboard LSI SAS due to them being a lower price. I don't recall the exact wattage but IIRC it was around 5-6 watts saved when I moved the jumper to disable the onboard SAS. I don't know that everything is totally disabled but there is some savings. Idle draw on those systems with the onboard SAS disabled is around 24w with a Pentium T, 2 sticks of DDR3, 2 SATA SSD's and IPMI.
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