OMV6 File system suddenly disappeared

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New Member
Nov 16, 2023
Hi OPENMEDIAVAULT6 installation as suddenly lost the File System on all of my 3x hdds configured in RAID5, I have unmount them because where non accessible with the hope to mount them again...but no luck...they will show on the DISK section but not when trying to MOUNT them....but will show if I want to CREATE a file system.
I added a spare HDD to try and create a file system to check that the RAID CARD is working...and it works good ... creating and mounting.
Have I lost all my data? Can anyone help me? thanx


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Nov 10, 2015
If you have lots of important data on those disks, stop what you are doing. Find some known good disks or some storage space somewhere and take an image of the Raid5 disks, before you do anything else, at least that way you have a backup of the data as it currently is. Then you can start digging in with software tools and attempt recovery etc. Raid5 is never a great choice where data integrity is required. Folks get drawn to it because it maximises storage space and adds some redundancy, without realising just how fragile it can be, and then get bitten because they don't have a good backup scheme in place :)